It’s Hot Phone Summer!


Most Common Ways People Break Their Phone In Summer (& How to Prevent It)

a photo from above of a person's hand holding a phone over the beach. Their flipflips and bathing suit trunks are visible in the botto, with waves crashing at their feet ; the phone screen says "hello SUMMER" with a sun graphic.


It’s finally here! The Summer of Freedomfrom our homes, that is. With more and more people getting vaccinated, many things are opening up for everyone to enjoy once again. While you’re making up for lost time this year, don’t let your phone fall victim to your summertime activities. 


Did you know, according to a report by Asurion, Americans break their phones more on July 4th than any other time of year? Same goes for our great neighbors to the North; Canada Day, July 1st, is also a big day for phone-related accidents. 

Keep reading to find out the leading ways people break their phones during summer, and how you can protect your device! 

girl in pool wearing headphones and taking a selfie while lounging in a pink donut pool tube

Water, Water Everywhere!


Planning to get out on the water this summer? Kayaking, beach trips & dips in the lake are what summer dreams are made of; but not so much for your phone. Summer is a really vulnerable time for your electronic devices. In fact, Asurion reports that tech insurance claims for devices with liquid damage increase by over 50% during the hottest months of the year.


Avoid liquid damage and properly waterproof your phone before you don those bathing suits, pack the towels and hit the waves. For this year’s sunny season, we’ve compiled a short list of tips & gadgets you can use to protect your device from unwanted moisture. Check them out!


  • Consider a waterproof case, such as a LifeProof©, or a waterproof pouch like these.  
  • Invest in a dry bag when participating in water activities—these are fantastic for storing many different water sensitive items you might need to keep close, especially a phone that doesn’t have a waterproof case.
  • Try to avoid bringing your phone too close to water prevalent areas such as pool decks, water tubes & near the waves. 


a phone set on the center console of a car seat with sun beaming down on it

It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here!”


You may think you’re keeping your phone from potential damage by leaving it in the car during a beach trip, but you’re forgetting one major issueHEAT! 


Did you know that a car’s cabin can reach over 115𝆩F in just ONE hour? So while you’re out having fun in the sun, your precious device’s temperature could be climbing fast. The consequences from an overheated phone can be devastating you risk losing important information, decreasing your battery life permanently, or even a battery explosion! The last thing you want to find in your car after a carefree day outside is an overheated phone that doesn’t work anymore. 


Here are a few  ways you can protect yourself from a “Hot Phone Summer”:


  • Keep your phone out of direct sunlight.
  • Turn your phone off, if you can.
  • If you have to keep your phone in the car, try to place it in a cool dark place, such as an unused, dry cooler or in the trunk.  
  • If you need it nearby, turn down brightness & close unused apps.
  • In a pinch, you can place your phone inside of a drink koozie for a quick & easy sun protector.


Already dealing with a phone that got too hot? Check out our article on what you can do if your phone is overheating here

a phone on the beach covered in sand


Don’t Let The Sandman Wreak Havoc on Your Phone!


Sand can create a relaxing atmosphere for you to sink your toes into and let the stress of the world just melt awaybut it can also be the most aggravating element on earth! You are probably still finding sand in your car and inside your bags from that spontaneous beach trip 3 years ago. It gets EVERYWHERE, and feels nearly impossible to fully be rid ofeven years later. 


Now imagine trying to get sand out of your phone!


Sand is essentially tiny, grain-sized rocks and other hard biomaterials. When your device encounters sand, these granules can find their way into the most problematic places. For example, if your phone has a cracked screen, sand can wedge itself into those gaps and render your touch-screen permanently useless.  Charging ports and speakers are also vulnerable to send, and these miniscule granules can damage important mechanisms and ruin these important features. 


Not to mention external buttons, which can get stuck or damaged when sand finds its way into small openings… And these are just a few of the many things that can go wrong if your phone comes into contact with this ubiquitous element. When at the beach, many people focus on protecting their devices from the water and sun, but completely forget how damaging sand can be. Be prepared, and keep your phone safe this season! Here are some ways you can “sand proof” your phone this summer.


  • Buy a dust plug. These inexpensive attachments cover your exposed ports to help keep sand out.
  • If you have a cracked screen, place a screen protector over it to keep it from getting damaged further by sand particles. (And schedule a screen repair diagnostic at your local uBreakiFix ASAP to get it fixed for good!) 
  • Invest in a case that fully covers your device, such as a Lifeproof© case, to ensure no sand can get into your phone. 
  • In a pinch, put your phone inside of a sandwich bag. Double up if necessary, and always make sure the bag is fully closed if you’re near any elements you want to keep away from your phone. While this isn’t anywhere near as protective as a full coverage case, it’s still better than leaving your phone fully exposed to the elements. 


Whether you are sand surfing in Peru, caught in a dust storm exploring Giza or just heading to the beach, we hope these tips help you make sure that your phone is protected from the elements this summer!


Has your phone fallen victim to the summer and suffered one of the plights outlined above? Not to worry! uBreakiFix has you covered. Simply schedule a free diagnostic at your nearest uBreakiFix location today. 


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