A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Home Tech


Taking the leap into the home tech world can be overwhelming as there are a lot of options to choose from for every aspect of your home. Looking for the best place to start depends on what you use most in your home and where you think you could use some assistance from smart technology. Follow our suggestions below to see where your home could benefit from smart home tech.


If you want a virtual assistant that also plays music: Voice-Activated Speakers
Virtual Assistants are the programs that live inside smart speakers and respond to your voice commands. You can ask them to play music or podcasts, to check the weather, to create a shopping list, and even play games or tell jokes.

There are several different brands of smart speakers, but our two favorites are the Amazon Echo and Google Home. You can’t go wrong with either device, but when making your decision it’s important to consider any other smart devices you have in your home and how they can interact with each other. If you have other smart Amazon devices in your home, you’re better off with the Echo and the same goes for Google devices.


If you want speakers that only play music: Bluetooth Speakers
Smart speakers can be very helpful, but they’re not for everyone. If you’re looking for a speaker to play your music without any fuss, we recommend these three Bluetooth speakers.


If you want to add extra security to your home: Video Doorbells & Door Locks
Almost every part of a home can be upgraded with a bit of smart tech these days and doorbells are no exception. Smart doorbells, like the Ring Doorbell, have cameras built-in so that you can see what’s happening outside your door at all times.

If you’d like your door to be smart too, you can add a smart door lock, like the Nest x Yale lock. This smart door lock replaces your deadbolt and allows you to lock and unlock your door using your phone or tablet.


If you want to remotely control your thermostat and save energy: Smart Thermostats
A smart thermostat is a really handy way to control the temperature of your home using your phone or tablet but also can save you a ton on energy bills. The Nest Thermostat can sense based on your phone GPS whether or not you are at home and will adjust the temperature of your home to a more eco-efficient temp.


If you need assistance with any of these smart devices: uBreakiFix
We know that once you become attached to these smart home devices, it can be difficult to deal with when one of them goes haywire. If you need assistance installing or troubleshooting, or you need a broken device repaired, we’re here for you.

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