Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

12 Days of Tech-Mas

holiday gift guide collage showing headphones, wireless lighter, wireless charger, mini arcade game, photo printer and passcode keeper app


Look, we’ve all found different ways to cope with staying inside a little more than usual this year. My vice? Online shopping. I’m constantly searching for the perfect present. And after looking all year long, I’m here to offer you my online shopping expertise for the holiday season.

Not sure what to give your tech-averse aunt? Can’t figure out what gift to get your hipster cousin for Hanukkah? Don’t know the right way to give back to your dad for Christmas? Celebrating your wedding anniversary on New Year’s Eve? I’ve got you.


Our holiday gift guide covers every kind of person in your life.




Wireless Charger

Chargers are annoying. They’re constantly tangling, the outlet never seems close enough to the bed, and they’re a total tripping hazard. Give the tech-lover in your life the gift of never having to deal with this inconvenient experience again with a wireless charger instead.


Passcode Keeper App

There’s no easier way to get hacked than by using the same simple password for multiple sites. But with a million different logins nowadays, who can keep track of them all? This app can.


Reusable Notebook

Help your loved ones reduce waste and clutter with this futuristic reusable notebook. Write on the smooth, synthetic paper with an included Pilot FriXion pen, then send your notes, plans, lists and ideas to the cloud with the Rocketbook application. Wipe it magically clean again with a damp cloth to reuse, and start with a fresh page every time.




Locking Passcode Keeper

If you need a great low-tech gift, try a locking password journal! Even the most low-tech person in your life probably has at least a few passwords they’d like to remember. Why let your loved ones fall prey to a hack because of a password left on a post-it when you could give them this awesome gift instead?


Marimo Moss Balls

With marimo moss balls, care and upkeep is much easier than it is with a fish, but you still get to watch them grow and thrive. In Japan, these cute little balls are also considered a good luck charm.


Survival Gear

A survival gear gift goes nicely along with the “cool ways to stay safe” theme of 2020. With this conveniently sized kit, your loved ones have tons of useful emergency tools in a portable case right at their fingertips.




Instax Mini

Even cynical teens and Neo-Luddites have to admire the efficiency of an Instax Mini. These portable cameras allow them to capture heartwarming family moments with a dash of nostalgia you can share together.


Mini Arcade

Play anything from Pac-Man™ to Burgertime™  on a teeny tiny arcade that sits right on top of your desk. These are so cute, you’ll want to hang out and play games all day.



These are a gift for you, them, and everyone on the block who has ever been subjected to loudly listening to a teen’s questionable musical tastes. Wireless headphones also make a great gift for students who are attending class online this year.




Rechargeable Lighter

Help your parents save time and money while staying eco-friendly by gifting them a rechargeable lighter, safe for candles, fireplaces, bbqs, and more. Non-butane and rechargeable, these are a great gift for anyone who has an extensive candle collection or hates finding empty lighters (or loves the environment).


Mug Warmer

These are a great gift for anyone who hates a lukewarm cup of joe, or tea, or any other liquid that’s best enjoyed hot. Anyone working from home can appreciate this piece of tech, too.


Record Player

Record players might be retro, but they’re a far cry from going the way of the tape deck. In fact, vinyl records are only getting increasingly popular over the years; making a record player a great gift for music lovers of all ages (but especially Mom and Dad).




Storm Glass

Let your storm glass settle on a shelf after arriving, and you can use the state of the liquid inside to observe the weather. Large, flaky crystals symbolize snow or a storm; clear glass means clear skies.


Wireless Photo Printer

Feel guilty about your grandparents asking you for family photos and only having digital pics to offer up? Gift them a digital photo printer this year that’s so easy to use, they can set it up in seconds. They’ll be able to print their own pics on a whim, no trip to the corner store required.


DIY Music Box

Bring back the nostalgia of old-timey music boxes; but this time, you get to choose the tune. Create a tune with this adorable, personalized music box kit by hole-punching paper strips. You can gift these to a music lover so they can make their own little ditty, or punch a personalized tune perfect for the recipient ahead of time, then gift them the completed kit.

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