Here’s to a Decade of the iPhone

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Ten years ago, a stoic man in a black turtleneck took the stage at Macworld 2007 and told us that he had created a product that would change everything. This has become one of those nostalgia-inciting moments where you can remember exactly where you were when the announcement happened. What Steve Jobs presented to the public that day was the original Apple iPhone and it really was revolutionary. 


The cell phones of 2007 looked nothing like this new product. They were gray, chunky and a crowded mashup of screen and keypads. The iPhone challenged this trend with its multi-touch screen and one home button being the only thing on the face. This caught on and has become the default style for virtually all smartphones. iPhone has also paved the way for mobile fingerprint scanner technology with Touch ID letting users do everything from unlocking their phones to paying for their groceries. 


Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone at Macworld 2007.


The app store was debuted on July 10, 2008, opening up a realm of truly endless possibility of what developers and companies could make the iPhone do. Full touchscreen devices became the new norm and attached keyboards became more of a hassle than a necessity.


With the introduction of the iPhone, a smartphone was no longer a luxury, but a staple in daily life. Whether you couldn’t live without your iPhone or maybe you prefer your Android, there’s no denying that the smartphone industry would not look anywhere near the same without the influence of the first Apple iPhone.




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