HELP! Water Attacked My Phone…What Now?

Tech Hacks


The Jacuzzi, the toilet, the beach, a coffee mug-we’ve heard it all.  If you’re phone is still working then you’re safe- for now. Here are  some tips regardless of whether your phone is turning on after this  scarring incident.

1. If it’s off…leave it off. If it’s on…turn it off.

We know it may be inconvenient to turn your cell phone off in the middle of the day when you need it the most, but taking these measures  for a few hours will save not only your money, but your valuable data as well!

2. Put the device into a bag of rice.

The old “rice in a bag” trick- uncooked rice has natural absorbent qualities and if you don’t have the tools readily available to open the phone and dry  from the inside, then this bag of rice will be your best bet to at least absorb some excess water. After a few days in the rice the liquid water should have dried up, however, the corrosion the water caused is still present and should be taken in for water damage scrubbing to clean off the corrosion.


It’s bad enough if your phone was on when the water  infiltration occurred,don’t add juice to the battery until you have done step 2 or more preferably until you have dried off the inner  workings of the device. For best results, after step 2, the phone should be properly checked and cleaned of corrosion professionally.

4. Back up your device ASAP

Even if you have done all of the above, the water damage could  take hours, days, or even weeks to noticeably affect your phone. The rice can’t save all those vacation photos or funny looks your cat was giving you.

The bottom line is, if your phone has come into contact with water, or liquid in general, the best thing you can do is make sure your phone is powered off, get into a plastic bag filled with uncooked rice, and visit the uBreakiFix location near you! We have cultivated a unique drying out process and have saved many phones as a result.

Give uBreakiFix a visit for all your water damage needs!



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