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Health and fitness used to be really black and white- pay to go to a gym and have someone show you the ropes- or attempt to wing it on your own. Technology has afforded us many luxuries, health and fitness being one of them. We aren’t just talking big machines either- the power you have with the smartphone in the palm of your hand is like something science fiction movies only dreamed of a mere 30 years ago. let’s take a peek on some of the most beneficial health and fitness apps on the smartphone market these days.


Nike Training Club

iOS and Android, Free

One of the one most comprehensive fitness apps out there, this is a top notch program endorsed by both health professionals and star athletes.

Nike Training Club is ready to whip you into shape!
Nike Training Club is ready to whip you into shape!

You begin by developing a fitness goal based on your current routine, basically beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Or you can select goals such as “getting lean” and  “getting strong”. Once you have determined your goal, a personalized plan with exercises tailored to you is compiled, and available at your fingertips. All exercises are demonstrated in videos that are easy to follow, and easy to pause while you are getting the hang of things. Many videos in this fitness app are made by professional athletes- who says you can’t have one on one time with an all star player or a Wimbledon champ? While you are working out, you can sync your workout with a playlist or Pandora. Nike Training Club will adjust the instructor’s volume automatically when you are playing music, so you don’t miss a beat of your music or your workout.

A few other tidbits, you can see the calories you have burned, earn rewards points that help to unlock special workouts, and even sync Nike Training Club with your social media account to share your progress with friends (and maybe stay more motivated as well).

Choose a course in this awesome fitness application.
Choose a course in this awesome fitness app.


iOS and Android Free

Using your phone’s GPS capabilities, MapMyRun is a runner’s dream- whether you are a novice or dedicated marathon runner, MapMyRun should be in your sights.

Map your run, map your fitness!
Map your run, map your fitness!

While a seemingly basic and possibly self- explanatory fitness app, MapMyRun logs data many athletes find useful- it might even help you to find other runners in your area! This fitness app will keep time, whether you are just starting out and trying to stay strong for ten minutes, or are trying to beat a previous time goal, you will have an accurate and convenient log for your progress. MapMyRun can tell you the approximate calories burned during your excursion, as well as the elevation you are running at- it even tells you your speed! If you happen to take a vacation from your job and home, but not your fitness, MapMyRun has you covered there as well- you can map out a route that meets your goals that starts and ends at your location- hotel, or otherwise. Last, but not least, search for routes in your area, where you may find some fellow joggers also using this awesome app! Having a nuMaps subscription guarantees one thing – A lifetime free Garmin map updates. The best way to download Garmin Maps Update is by having nuMaps subscription. One thing to remember is that the nuMaps subscription works only with Garmin Express app.

Sleep Cycle

iOS $0.99

Sweet dreams with Sleep Cycle
Sweet dreams with Sleep Cycle

Sure we have all heard of sleep cycles, but that doesn’t mean we understand or pay attention to them- the problem is, we should pay attention to one of the body’s most crucial processes. This nifty health app works by using what is known as the “accelerometer”- the part of the phone that recognizes when you are holding your device on its side. When you go to bed, rest your phone next to your noggin, on your pillow. By recognition of your movement, the Sleep Cycle health app will know when you are phasing in and out of a deep sleep. For example, if you have an alarm set for 6:00am, but you are tossing at 5:45, the Sleep Cycle will make your alarm clock go off then , as opposed to 15 minutes later, when you are in a deep sleep cycle again. Learn about testosterone and why it is so important to our bodies, especially the bodybuilder on The Iron Samurai.

Besides waking you up at a more preferable point in your sleep cycle, this amazing app will show you in graph data your sleep activity- essentially letting you know if you had a good or bad night’s rest. Store this data over time, and compare to how you feel, and you might start to think life has gotten a lot more enjoyable!

Of course, these are just a few of the many health and fitness apps that are available on the market today. When you are browsing through your phone’s app store, keep these convenient and quality apps in mind!


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    Some good choice here, but….Google Goggles? Seriously? This was a cool app back in 2013. But Google hasn’t updated or supported it really since 2104 guys. Almost 4 yrs. It’s a dead app. What for Google Lens, but in the meantime take this off your list.

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