Have You Tried Turning it off and Back on?

Tech Tips

When something goes wrong with a device, turning it off and back on again is the first thing a tech savvy person will suggest. While it may be an annoying or obvious troubleshooting suggestion, there’s a very good reason everyone is telling you to do it: It works.


What a Restart does

Restarting your device is allowing your it to start over with a clean slate. All programs that were running, not responding, or taking up memory are killed and your hardware has the chance to start fresh. When you run more than one program at a time, you use up your computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory) faster. When the RAM is low, the computer has to work harder to process the requests and it slows down. Sometimes just closing applications or programs can solve this problem but if the computer freezes or becomes unresponsive, a restart is a quick fix.   


What problems will it solve

Turning off/on your computer can fix an array of issues:

Errors: Blue screens or low level errors are common and usually just mean a minor hardware malfunction has taken place. A restart will help the hardware recover.

Running Slow: A system running slowly could be the result of a program taking up too much memory or a program not responding. If it’s not possible to kill the program, a restart will close it and get your system moving again.

Wi-Fi problems: Router and modem issues tend to cause slow and frustrating internet connections. Calling your internet provider to troubleshoot the problem will undoubtedly result in our title question.

Memory Leaks: When a program doesn’t release the memory that it has used before quitting, it’s called a memory leak. This can cause a computer to slow down, but can be resolved with a restart.      

Overheating: A restart can also prevent your device from overheating. Running a device for too long or running a lot of programs at once can cause a device to overheat. Letting it cool for a few minutes in shutdown will help it run faster.  


So how often should you actually restart?

There’s no set schedule that restarts should follow, but it should be the first thing you try when you’re having difficulties with hardware. If the problem persists, you can call tech support or bring your device into uBreakiFix and we’ll take a look at it.

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