Tech Crafting: Using an old phone to create high-tech Halloween decor


Let’s turn a craft store mask into Halloween decor using an old phone.


Step 1: Paint your mask

We found these wood masks at a local craft store, but you could make one out of cardboard and a paint stick. Paint the mask however you want and don’t forget the stick! 


Step 2: Create straps behind the eyes

Create straps to hold your phone in place using thin strips of felt. Measure your phone, give yourself an extra half-inch of space, and hot glue the straps in place. 

If the straps are too tight, you won’t be able to fit the phone in, so leave some slack!


Step 3: Line up the eyes

We created a video of animated eyes that move from side to side and you can download it here and here. Que the video up on your device and once you slide the phone into the straps, you can line up the eyes by pinching and zooming.


Step 4: Place in or near the candy bowl and enjoy!

You can use heavy-duty tape or a piece of styrofoam from the dollar store to hold the mask in place inside the bowl. When you’re ready to impress some trick-or-treaters, start the video, adjust the eyes, and you’ve got a high tech accessory for your candy bowl.

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