Google Now: Your Newest Travel Companion

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No more pretending you know what you’re doing with directions or travel!

When Apple introduced Siri, its flagship “knowledge navigator”, Android users everywhere felt a tinge of envy. This latest addition to the Apple OS was informative, reliable and a little sassy- go on, just ask Siri to marry you and see what happens. So, what are some of the ways you can make Google Now realistically work in your every day life? Though the offerings are numerous, the one we are going to focus on today is the travel sect of Google Now.

So what makes Google Now Travel so amazing? And how can this virtual assistant make your life a little easier? Keep reading to see why we here at uBreakiFix are a little obsessed with Google Now…. Hiring a taxi booking is no more a hassle as you can call them or book your cab with us online.

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Traffic Alerts

If you are like 80% of Americans, you have to drive somewhere to get somewhere. Work, school, socializing, we are a society on the go. Wouldn’t it be great if you could open your phone and immediately know what the length of your commute will be? Or if there are major accidents or delays that you should plan around? A flick of your finger will let you know exactly what you will face* during your daily commute.

Keep in mind the suggestions from Google Now Traffic are based on your habits and patterns, so be patient while Google learns to keep up with your busy routine. Arguably, the Traffic portion of this app has the most growth in its path, but we are pretty certain our pals at Google will knock this one out of the park in the very near future!

*Unfortunately, if your commute is actually an Odyssey back to your family, there aren’t yet Google Now updates on how to avoid cyclops, sirens and/or sea witches…yet (looking at you, Android 7.2).

Enable Traffic cards to help you during your daily travels.
Enable Traffic cards to help you during your daily travels.

Flight Information

Google Now will pull all your upcoming flight information from your Gmail so you can find all travel information in one convenient spot: your Android device’s screen! No more having people as a cascade of papers fall from your bag as you try to find the Post-It with your flight info on it (which is actually sitting in the cab you took to the airport, just FYI). in addition to assisting you with making you way to the appropriate terminal, Google Now can also let you know of changes in flight status, such as being cancelled or delayed. All you have to do is provide your google email-id on sites like when you are booking. You will automatically receive constant updates of your flight.

As well as assisting you with getting on your flight, Google Now will also show you a card with all the reservations you have made. Hotels, rental car, any relevant information (again, pulled from Gmail) will be displayed so you don’t lose your cool trying to remember if you are booked at the Hyatt or the Hilton.

The world is more colorful with Google Now Travel, no?
The world is more colorful with Google Now Travel, no?

Some naysayers out there might say that Google Now Travel cannot live up to the “standards” that were set by Siri- uBreakiFix is not part of that camp. With the open development of the Android operating system, we are excited to see what groundbreaking innovation will take place in the next few years, as Google Now finds its footing.

For more information on Google Now (including that Odyssey assistance), stay tuned for our next feature, where will discuss how Google Now can you help you stay organized!

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