Give the Gift of Repair This Year

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The pressure to find the perfect gift during the holiday season can really dampen your holiday cheer. You can only get someone so many pairs of wool socks or gift cards. Fortunately for you, we’re really good at gift-giving and we think we know what would be perfect for even the hardest people to shop for. This year, give the gift of repair.


We bet that you can think of at least one friend or family member that is walking around with a cracked smartphone screen. Whether it’s a small crack or a full-on spider web, for whatever reason, they’ve decided to work around the issues or ignore it. These items are usually high in their price point, and like any other electrical product, they can break down.


This is where you come in. Elements of the perfect holiday gift are thoughtfulness, convenience, and surprise. You want it to be something useful but also something that will bring them joy. Taking their phone to get repaired perfectly fits into these criteria. You’re giving them back their peace of mind and totally surprising them with something they thought they’d have to continue to cope with. Plus, a fixed phone is worth more when it’s time to trade it in, so you’re actually saving them money too!


And gifting someone a repair isn’t limited to just smartphones either. Do they have a tablet that no longer charges or a computer that has a virus? Is there a vintage heirloom in your family that could use a tune-up to make it run like new? Even taking the time to teach your relatives how to use a new piece of technology or how to use the things they already have more efficiently is a great gift to give.


The technicians at uBreakiFix would love to help you give the gift of repair to your loved ones this holiday season. Our low prices and high-quality repairs mean that your loved one’s favorite devices are safe with us and they will be returned looking as good as new in only an hour.


Be your family’s hero this holiday season by giving the gift of repair with the help of uBreakiFix. Click here to start your repair. 


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