Getting the Most Out of Your iPhone Battery

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Nowadays, many people depend on their iPhones to remember a meeting, stay connected with friends, and even to find their way home… As a result, battery life can suffer. Choosing between phone functionality and battery life can be frustrating. Below you will find 10 tips to increase your battery life.


This feature allows Siri to activate when holding the phone to your face. You can disable this and still hold down the home button, to speak to Siri. When this feature is on, it impacts the battery life, as the proximity sensor continuously checks for you face to activate Siri.


Always keep your iPhone updated. Apple engineers are always finding ways to reduce the load on your battery. There may be an update available, which can improve battery life.


The LCD backlight consumes a great amount of power, so keep brightness turned down to enjoy more time with your iPhone! You can use the auto-brightness option, but in most cases, you could make it with lower brightness than the sensor regulates.


Turn off push notifications for all your apps – most of them are unnecessary anyway. New data will still be received when you open the app. Notifications alone don’t waste battery, but the activation of the backlit display when a push notification arrives will.


Many modern apps use this feature, which can locate you anytime. In other words: non-stop battery usage. Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services and you will be surprised by how many apps request your location. Apps on the location service page are color coded based on how often they request your location. Apps that have used your location recently  are purple, apps that have used your location within the last 24 hours are gray, and apps that use a geofence are outlined. A geofence is a virtual perimeter around a location. Turn off location services and frequent locations (a feature that tracks your most visited locations so apps can send you targeted ads) or at least choose which apps you want to use location services!


Many of these new iOS 7 features drain your battery. The background app refresh is a particular smart (an battery draining) feature, which learns your behavior and refreshes an app just before you typically use it. You can disable this feature in settings.  Dynamic Backgrounds and Stop Motion are neat effects, but they have no functionality, so you can turn them off to save battery. Dynamic backgrounds don’t have to be disabled. Simply do not select one of them and disable stop motion.


The sooner your iPhone is locked, the sooner it will go to sleep, the less battery it will waste. Set up an auto-lock of 1 or 2 minutes or less.


Don’t push, but fetch e-mails. If checking manually for e-mails is not suitable for you, try to fetch new data every few minutes (ex: 15 minutes) instead of continuously.


When in a poor signal area your iPhone pushes more power to the antenna to increase signal strength. If you do not need to make or receive calls or texts in a low signal area, try putting your iPhone in Airplane Mode.


The usual suspects such as 3G/4G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, can consume a lot of power. We know you need them, but whenever you don’t, keep them turned off. Between 3G/4G and Wi-Fi, go for Wi-Fi. It will help extend your battery life.

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