Game Console Breakdown and Must-Have Accessories


We’re all spending a majority of our time indoors these days, and finding mental escapes wherever possible is definitely helpful for our mental health. That’s why we love video games. Visiting and playing in other worlds (where consequences rarely exist) isn’t just for teenagers, there is truly a video game system and game out there for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a segue into the world of video game consoles, but have no idea where to start, we want to help. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular video game consoles and why we think they’re great. All of these consoles are great for different reasons, but some may suit certain people better than others.

If you’ve already got one of these consoles, stick around, we’ve got some sweet accessory recommendations to up your game.

Nintendo Switch:
First up is the Nintendo Switch. Switches have been flying off the shelves in recent months because, well, they’re great!

The biggest draw of the Nintendo Switch is its portability. Place it in the dock, and you play through your television, just like a traditional gaming console. But if you remove it from the dock, you can play all your games, right where you left off but from anywhere. Bring it on road trips, airplanes, the DMV, or anywhere else and never miss a moment of gaming. The Switch is made by Nintendo, and the newest editions of some of our favorite childhood games can be played on it like Mario Party, Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon.

Playing games with multiple people is also effortless using the Switch. Each side Joycon on the switch can be removed and used as controllers, making multiplayer a built-in feature.

Already loving the Nintendo Switch? Here are some must-have Switch accessories:
Wireless earbuds or a Bluetooth adaptor for your headphones
Wireless controller
Screen protector
Car headset and mount
Carrying case
Comfort grips
Dock Pro

Playstation vs. Xbox:
The debate of Playstation vs. Xbox is one as old as the systems themselves and as long as both companies continue to produce gaming consoles, the debate will probably never end. In the following sections, we are not attempting to determine which console is better, because it is completely a matter of personal preference. Each system has its own pros and cons and which to buy boils down to your gaming preferences, which games you like to play, how you want to access your games, and any additional equipment you might want to try.

The Sony Playstation is best known for the wide variety of exclusive games available on the system like Bloodborne, the Uncharted series, and The Last of Us series. The Playstation has an easy navigation system so you can switch easily from playing games, to watching your favorite streaming service or listening to music with Spotify.

The Playstation also has its own VR gear, if you’ve ever wanted to try out games like Beatsaber.

Check out these accessories if you’re already playing on a Playstation:
Wireless headphones (these are compatible w/all consoles)
VR headset or VR bundle
Charging station
Wireless controller
Storage game drive

The biggest pulls of the Xbox system are the Game Pass subscription and the hardware capabilities. Game Pass is a $15 a month subscription that gives you access to a library of games that is updated frequently. When new, exclusive games come out on the Xbox, like new editions of Halo and Gears of War, they are updated to the library and ready to play almost immediately. Buying games on the Xbox also gives you access to stream them on your PC and vice versa.

If watching movies or playing games in 4K is your thing, you can take advantage of Xbox’s powerful software and watch Blue-rays and streaming services in 4K and HDR.

Check out these accessories if you have an Xbox:
XBOX One Play and Charge kit or charging station
Wireless controller
XBOX compatible remote
Travel bag

Game Console Repair from uBreakiFix
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