Galaxy S4 Cracked Screen!

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Here is the new red Galaxy S4- already cracked! Of course, every broken device has a story behind it, and this one was no different.

This was actually brought in by a student touring UCF in the hopes of attending next fall. While touring the campus, distracted by the many amazing things to see and do, Tom dropped his bran new Galaxy S4 and shattered it! He was absolutely devastated. Not only were there many pictures that Tom was excited to show his friends back home in Tennessee, but he was also leaving tomorrow, and panicking that he would have to live with a broken S4 for the duration of his two year contract.

Cue uBreakiFix East Orlando!

When Tom came in, we could see how visibly stressed and upset he was to be dealing with this situation. We took the phone in, ran our standard free diagnostics, and told Tom that we could have his phone fixed in the next hour. His smile said it all, he had never been more relieved!

About an hour later, Tom came back in to the shop, proud owner of shiny, fixed Galaxy S4!

This Galaxy S4 has a cracked screen!
This Galaxy S4 has a cracked screen!

A little bit of uBreakiFix magic and 60 minutes later…

Galaxy S4 with no more cracked screen!
Galaxy S4 with no more cracked screen!

Tom ended up being so happy he even sent us a picture of his UCF acceptance letter, taken with his shiny S4!

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