We Fix It All!: Nintendo 64 Edition

Tech Tips

The technicians at UBIF Alexandria in Virginia tackled an interesting repair this week when a customer brought in a Nintendo 64 that would power on, but wouldn’t display.

Store manager, Danny Romero said the problem was that the audio and video pins had corroded loose and needed to be resoldered in place. The cartridge tray was also loose and the technician resoldered that as well.

UBIF Eastern Market store owner Adam Nations says that while repairs on older devices can be tricky,the repair strategy is not that different from any other.

“It’s important to do some research before opening the device up so that there aren’t any surprises. iFixit has helpful guides on older tech, but if it’s more obscure, we have to rely on our honed skills and be as careful as possible,” he said.

“After opening it up, (old tech is actually significantly easier to take apart than newer tech) we look at connections for corrosion or signs of a short circuit. These are usually the culprits.

With newer tech, we have a team that builds training for us so that we have in-house teardowns and walkthroughs to show us tricks and tips during each repair.”

The customer has yet to pick up the N64, but we hope that they can get back to enjoying their Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 very soon!

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