How to Fix an iPad Pro Camera

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The iPad Pro has a lot of terrific features, but a fair number of consumers have reported malfunctions in the iPad Pro camera even after a short period of normal use.

If your iPad Pro camera stops working, it doesn’t necessarily mean the iPad Pro camera is beyond repair. Should you suspect your iPad Pro camera is broken, try these simple solutions before contacting a professional iPad Pro repair company. 

Check App Permission

A common mistake we’ve seen iPad owners make is assuming the iPad Pro camera is broken, when it really just needs to get your authorization to connect to an app. Most apps need permission to connect to your camera for data marketing purposes. 


To double-check that this feature is working:


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Privacy.
  3. Go to Camera.
  4. You will see a list of apps.
  5. Make sure the app you want to use is toggled to “ON”.

Update IOS

An iPad Pro with an outdated IOS can cause problems that may result in the camera not working. Updating the IOS to the latest version fixes the conflict between the operating system and the hardware.


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Go to Software Update.


Note: If no update is available,you can rule this out as the reason for your iPad Pro camera not working.

Restart Device

If you’ve updated your IOS (or found there was no IOS available update) and the camera is still not working, restarting the device can sometimes resolve the broken iPad Pro camera.


  1. Hold down the Power and Home buttons.
  2. Release when you see the Apple logo appear.


Note: Tablets without a mechanical Home button restart with the Power and Volume Down buttons instead for Step 1.

Reset All Settings

If restarting the device does not fix your iPad Pro camera, a reset of your settings could offer a fresh start to your device. Try this solution to reset all settings:


  1. Go to Settings.
  2.  Go to General.
  3. Go to Reset.
  4. Go to Reset All Settings.


Note: This option only erases your settings. All of your saved files and other personal data will still be available upon restarting the device.


Diagnosing Other Issues

At this point, if you are still experiencing a malfunction in your iPad Pro camera, it’s time to get creative and diagnose other reasons why your iPad Pro camera is broken. Ask yourself:


  • Are both the rear and front iPad Pro cameras broken?
  • Does the camera work with the built-in Apple Camera app but not third-party apps?
  • Did you recently install a new app shortly before the iPad Pro camera stopped working?
  • If you did, delete the app and try the camera again.

Hardware Issues

A hardware issue could be the cause of your iPad Pro camera failure too. Here are some easy hardware issues to check for:


  •         Film – Peel off any plastic film that could be blocking the lens.
  •         Remove peripherals – Some add-ons cause problems with the iPad Pro camera, especially metallic or magnetic cases, which undermines the camera’s optical stabilization.
  •         Dirty lens – Clean the lens with a microfiber cloth.

When to Get it Repaired

There is one last trick to attempt to get your iPad Pro camera working again. But be warned, this will erase all of your data and settings, putting the device in the same blank state it was in when you got it. 


  1.       Go to Settings.
  2.       Go to General.
  3.       Go to Reset.
  4.       Go to Erase All Content and Setting.


If the iPad Pro camera is still broken, you most likely have a complicated hardware problem that requires special expertise. Contact an iPad repair company.

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