How to Fix a PS4 HDMI Port Issue

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If you’re trying to use your PS4 but can’t get it to connect or display correctly, it could have an HDMI issue. The PS4 HDMI port connects the console to your television and transmits the sound and picture through. Almost all newer gaming consoles use this cable because it supports the highest definition video signals and surround sound.


The signs of a PS4 HDMI Port Issue

The signs of a PS4 HDMI port issue are:

  • No video signal whatsoever, sometimes illustrated by a ‘No Input’ message or a black screen.
  • Pixelated or distorted graphics
  • When powering on the console, if the light starts blue and then eventually turns white with no display, then you likely have a hardware issue; if the light never turns white, it’s likely a POST issue and you won’t get video anyway.


The first thing to do is to check the HDMI port for signs of damage. The HDMI port on your PS4 is located on the upper center of the back of your console and looks like half of an octagon. It can get damaged if you’re constantly yanking the cord out of it, or if the cord is too aggressively inserted. Dust and dirt can also get inside of the port and potentially cause damage.

PS4 HDMI port

PS4 HDMI Port Repair

Fixing the HDMI port requires detailed soldering that can be a little intimidating at first, but for the experienced tech, it’s not unlike repairing any other USB charge port.


You will need a soldering gun and a new HDMI part found on any site like Amazon or ebay.


  1. You’ll first have to desolder the old PS4 HDMI port at the pins and anchor holes. This is best accomplished by applying general heat to the entire port.
  2. After that, you clean up the old solder from the pins so that the new port will only have new solder.
  3. The next bit is preference really, as some people will leave solder in the anchor holes, heat it to a liquid state, and then drop in the new port so that it’s held in place when the solder solidifies. Others will empty the anchor holes, place the port, and then solder it into place. Both are fine options, but the former can be a little tricky for novice fixers.
  4. Regardless, once the port is installed in the board and the pins are lined up properly with the solder pads, those pins are now ready to be soldered so that an actual data connection is established. Each pin has to have its own solder connection, so a tech experiencing videos issues after soldering those pins might need to go back and touch them up with more/less/cleaner solder.
  5. Keep working at it until there’s video!


If this sounds like gibberish to you or you have no previous experience in electronics repair, it’s probably best to let the professionals handle a repair like this. Bring your PS4 to your local uBreakiFix and one of our professional technicians would be happy to help you out with a free diagnostic on your console.


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