How to Fix the Blue Light of Death on a PS4

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If you’re a big fan of your PS4, there’s a possible malfunction that you should be aware of. It’s called the PS4 blue light of death and it looks like a blinking blue light in the center of the console. Instead of it’s standard solid color, the LED strip along the middle of the PS4 illuminates blue and flashes on and off. The screen will show a message that says, “Weak or No Signal”, or will just show a black screen. If you have the blue light of death, there are some troubleshooting techniques you can try to fix your PS4.

What Does the Blue Light Mean on PS4 Controller?

If you see a blinking blue light on the PS4 controller, it means that the controller is trying to pair itself with the console. Fortunately, a blinking blue light on a PS4 controller does not mean you have dreaded blue light of death.

What Causes the Blue Light of Death?

Exactly what causes the blue light of death on PS4 can vary. It most often seems to be:

  • Hard drive issues
  • Faulty PS4 power supplies
  • Incompatible televisions
  • Software issues

How to Fix the Blue Light of Death

Knowing how to fix the blue light of death can make the difference between getting back to gaming or having to take your machine in to get repaired. There are multiple techniques that you can try and some may work, but some might not. If at any point you’re unsure about what you’re doing, you can bring your device to a local repair professional.

Discharge and Restart Your PS4

The first thing to try when you’re having trouble with any electronic device, is to restart the device. This particular restart method discharges electricity from the internal PS4 power supply, which can sometimes reverse the blue screen of death.

  1. Hold the PS4 Power button for 7 seconds until you hear two beeps.
  2. Unplug all cables from PS4.
  3. Hold the Power button for 7 seconds again to discharge the internal power supply.
  4. Reconnect the PS4 cables and power back on.
  5. The problem is fixed if the blue light of death is replaced with a brief white light upon startup.

See if the Hard Drive is Seated Properly

Over time, the hard drive can shift and cause the PS4 blue screen of death. If you are tech savvy and have experience opening up your tech to see what’s inside, you can attempt this check:

  1. Hold the Power button until PS4 turns off.
  2. Disconnect all PS4 cables.
  3. Remove hard disk drive cover and check the alignment of hard drive.
  4. Unfasten the single hard drive screw.
  5. Realign hard drive in its slot if necessary.
  6. Fasten screw.
  7. Put hard disk drive cover back on.
  8. Plug cables in.
  9. Power on the PS4 and see if blue light of death is gone.

Check Your Power Supply Cable

The blue light of death could be an indication of a bad PS4 power supply cable–. To check:

  1. Hold the Power button until PS4 beeps twice and turns off.
  2. Disconnect all PS4 cables.
  3. Check the power supply cable and inlet for any rips, tears or other damage.
  4. If the power supply cable and inlet look undamaged, connect all PS4 cables.
  5. Power on the PS4.
  6. If the problem persists, replace the power supply cable and try Step 5 again.

Troubleshooting Software

The blue light of death is sometimes caused by a software problem. Some of the options in PS4 Safe Mode can solve the blue light of death in these situations:
Hold down the Power button.

  1. Keep holding the Power button when the PS4 beeps twice and shuts off.
  2. Continue to hold the Power button for five seconds after shutdown to enter Safe Mode.It will beep another time to indicate booting into safe mode, if it doesn’t beep again, you haven’t held it down long enough.
  3. Press the PS button on controller.
  4. Select Change Resolution, Rebuild Database, or Restore Default Settings.
  5. Select Restart.

Note: Restore Default Settings will delete all data not backed up on the Cloud, so choose this option as a last resort to fix the PS4 blue light of death.

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