Fidget Toys Explained

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Were you a compulsive doodler back in school? Or an obsessive pen chewer? Now as an adult do you absentmindedly fiddle with your keys now on your commute or discreetly chew your lip as you type away on your computer? We all fidget in some way, shape, or form. It’s how we channel our excess energy, anxiety, and neuroses. Sitting still and focusing can be hard sometimes! Have you ever noticed yourself shaking your legs like a maniac as you sit at your desk? Stress and anxiety physically manifest in our bodies in different ways. That’s why we fidget. Our body is just trying to focus that extra energy somewhere. The latest gadget craze of fidget toys is here to help us all.


Fidget toys are little apparatuses and playthings that are simply meant to be used for fiddling and fidgeting. Most of them are small, colorful plastic gadgets that allow your fingers to play with them absentmindedly while doing something else. Like a tiny, one-handed Bop-It, you can flick it, twirl it, spin it, click it, and more. They are miniature outlets for all your nervous energy.

Fidget Toys Aren’t Just For Kids!

Initially, fidget toys were marketed at kids. It was purported that those suffering from ADHD would benefit from fiddling with one. Supposedly, they would actually aid children in focusing more on their schoolwork and learning. Studies on their efficacy have been largely inconclusive though. Some say they improve ADHD kids’ functioning in the classroom, while others found that they don’t make any difference. Many teachers find them to be distracting for both the kids using them as well as their peers around them. Some schools have even made measures to ban fidget toys.


These newfangled gizmos aren’t just for children though. Adults have been glomming onto the trend. People are bringing them into the office and playing with them throughout the workday, in meetings, at their desks, and on phone calls. While this may not sound like very dignified behavior for a grown adult holding down a serious job, many people swear by their new fidget toys. How different is it really from the fidgeting of yore? It’s cleaner and more high tech than biting nails or picking scabs, that’s for sure.


One especially popular fidget toy was designed with adults in mind and marketed as such. Denver-based Antsy Labs launched a Kickstarter campaign back in August to fund their fidget cube. Their goal of $15,000 was far exceeded, and they ended up raising almost $6.5 million. A fidget cube is a six-sided gadget with six separate features for fiddling. It’s designed for you to click, glide, flip, breathe, roll, and spin. Their hipster cubes have been popping up in offices across the nation, so it seems the fidget toy craze is here to stay.

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