Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Getting the right Father’s Day gift is important, but Dads don’t always make it easy for us. Before you go purchasing another tie or wallet that he’ll never take out of the box, check out these father’s day gift ideas.


Gifts for the avid reader: 
If the dad in your life can often be found with his nose deep in a book, there are some interesting gift options that aren’t another book to add to the pile. We think it’s high time to introduce dad to the magic of an e-reader. E-readers are tablets that are designed specifically for reading books. You can buy and read practically any book in existence and contain them all on one portable device. The Amazon Kindle is the most popular e-reader on the market and for good reason. It has several different versions, perfect to meet anyone’s needs and budget, with one that’s even completely waterproof. If your dad is already a fan of his e-reader, consider giving him an upgrade. You can even mail in his older model and receive a discount on a newer version.

If you don’t think your dad has any interest in giving up his daily newspaper or hardcover books for the digital version, at least help him see it clearly. ThinOptics makes a pair of reading glasses that are small enough to fit in a pouch on the back of your phone. These are perfect for a dad that struggles to read menus and is always asking to borrow someone else’s reading glasses.


Gifts for the gadget lover:
If you have a father figure who appreciates cool tech, your gift options are virtually limitless. Help him turn his home into a smart house, with these smart plugs. Smart plugs enable you to control the objects in your home using your smartphone. Want to control your lights using a Smart Speaker or your smartphone? Plug them into a smart plug, set up your voice commands, and enjoy. Smart plugs are useful in other ways too. You can charge your phone more efficiently by cutting off the power to your charger when the battery is full, eliminating overcharging. Dad will also love the ability to control lights and fans even when he’s away from home.

Does your dad have a wireless charger for his devices? If he has a newer smartphone or tablet, he can use a wireless charger and not have to fumble around with charging cables.

The last good gift idea we have for gadget lovers is a phone holder for the car. There are several different kinds to fit different vehicle needs with options for the CD drive, air vent, or suction-cupped to the dashboard. Our favorites use magnets, one adhered to the back of the device and the other on the holder itself, and keeps your phone securely in place.


Gifts for someone prone to breaking their devices:
If the dad in your life has a habit of breaking his devices, there are a few gift options we’d recommend. The first is a nice, sturdy case for his phone, laptop, or tablet. Cases come in an endless variety of styles and colors and can satisfy any need. You can even get a phone case with a wallet attached, creating a two-in-one solution any dad will appreciate.

Another great gift idea for a dad with a cracked screen is store credit or the gift of a repair from uBreakiFix. Trying to read emails and respond to texts with a broken device is extremely frustrating and replacing the broken screen on his favorite device is a great way to show that you care and that you want to make his life easier. Talk to your local uBreakiFix location, to buy a gift card or schedule a repair for dad.

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