The Face of Technology: 2009 to Now

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Trends of 2009

Our technology has evolved so rapidly that it’s easy to forget that some of the devices and programs that we use every day are only about 10 years old. Earlier this month, a popular trend popped up on social media where people were posting pictures of themselves from 2009 and now, admiring their “glo ups”. We thought it would be fun to do the same thing but to compare the face of tech in 2009 versus now.

The Smartphone Monopoly

2009 was the year of the smartphone. Apple definitely wasn’t the first to debut a phone that could connect to the internet, but the release of the iPhone 3GS in 2009 certainly made them mainstream. Other companies released popular smartphone models like the Motorola Droid and Blackberry. This opened an inundation of possibilities to application developers.

App Madness

Apple launched the App Store late in 2008, and by 2009 more than two billion applications were available for the new users of iPhones. The Android Market added support for paid apps in 2009. It would take 3 more years before Google and Android would merge their stores, creating the Google Play store.

Twitter Takeover

Twitter gained a bit of momentum in 2007, a year after its release, at SXSW, but it really hit its stride in 2009. Microsoft and Google made a deal with Twitter, making tweets searchable on search engines. Also, a series of high profile news stories broke and were shared in real time over Twitter, making it the easiest and fastest place to share news as it was happening. Twitter’s rise to prominence opened new business oportunities in the field of online marketing. Every serious bussiness has to have a presentable and popular profile on the platform- and that’s where social media marketing comes into picture. The Marketing Heaven, one of the most popular sites to get youtube views from, monetize this rising demand by securing it’s clients an abundance of Twitter followers, which in turn increases their Twitter presence.

Spotify Changes the Music Game

Spotify launched in October of 2008 and already had made deals with major record labels for the use of their music. In 2009, they allowed users to create free accounts if they didn’t want to pay for the service, increasing their user base by millions. Spotify didn’t become available on smartphones until 2012, but it was gearing up for the massive impact it would have on the music industry, now everyone has the app, with the spotipromo more and more people join Spottily everyday.


It would be difficult to post one encompassing picture of the face of tech today, but the difference just the appearance of smartphones is incredible. The iPhone alone has come such a long way since it’s the first incarnation and barely resembles it at all. The app stores have millions of apps that can help you accomplish anything you can think of. Social media is an integral part of society instead of an entertaining luxury. It’s incredible how much things have changed in just 10 years but as advanced as we think we are now, we can’t wait to see how things change in another 10 years.


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