Emojis For Everyone


To emoji or not to emoji? Whether you find them immature, or you can send and translate entire text conversations with them, everyone has an opinion about emojis. The modern emojis that many of us use on our smartphones today stemmed from emoticons. Remember sending something like “;)” to your high school crush on your Motorola Razr, but then realized you sent it to your grandmother? You don’t have to admit it to us, but we know the truth. Your grandmother sends her love by the way.

Emojis were created by Shigetaka Kurita, a telecom employee in 1999 as a way for NTT Docomo to distinguish their pager service  by including little cartoon picture messages to appeal to teenagers. The use of emojis has been popular in Japan for well over a decade, but their Western appeal didn’t happen until Apple buried an emoji keyboard in the settings for their Japanese iPhone users. Needless to say, everyone (Yes, even grandma)  discovered the emoji keyboard and the floodgates were open. There’s even an emoji translation of Moby Dick (called Emoji Dick, naturally).

Back Camera
Yes. Emoji Dick is in the Library of Congress.

Photo via: Motherboard

This week, SwiftKey announced the top used emojis by state and we were quite surprised at their findings. Some emojis made sense, like a surfer for Hawaii or Lady Liberty for New York. Some were extremely random, like a trumpet for Florida and a barber shop pole for Kentucky, and others were downright smirk-worthy like the infamous eggplant for Nevada (No comment). So what’s your favorite emoji? Are you a purist and only send smiley faces, or do you get down with the dancing girls with bunny ears?


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