Does Overheating Affect the Performance of a Phone?

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Is your phone overheating?

When temperatures start rising and you’re lugging your best tech poolside and to the beach, you may be wondering if phone overheating will affect the performance of your phone. We’re here to give you the truth on what heat will do to your phone.

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Will phone overheating cause my glass to crack?

Phone overheating alone cannot cause the glass on your smartphone screen to crack. It can, however, cause the glass to be more vulnerable to breaking. If you were to leave your device on the dashboard of your car, in a parking lot in direct sunlight with the outside temperature being higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, you would still likely need an outside force such as a bend or drop to cause it to truly crack. A more likely scenario would be for your phone to experience thermal fracturing. This occurs when you move very hot glass into a very cold environment very quickly.

Lithium-Ion batteries overheating

Lithium-Ion batteries can start to melt under extreme heat, but you’d have to be charging it in an environment with temperatures over 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

What can happen to my phone if it overheats?

While it would take a considerable amount of heat to cause your battery to malfunction, other smartphone components can be affected by heat. The adhesive that bonds smartphone components and helps your device stay waterproof can start to corrode under high heat. The adhesive can get gummy and could allow gaps to form or components to shift, allowing dust and dirt to get inside and ruin the phone. This can also make any water resistant device completely vulnerable to water damage.

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Components such as the CPU, GPU, and other crucial chips really don’t like too much heat. Devices like computers and game consoles have built-in fans to keep these parts cool, but smartphones don’t have this feature. High temperatures, whether due to outside temperature or internal temperature, can cause damage to the chips or their connections. If these parts become overheated, the user will typically get a warning on the screen of the device.

How to Prevent Your Phone from Overheating

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Most smartphones have a sensor and a warning that will alert you when your phone’s internal temperature reaches 95 degrees or above. If you get this warning, your phone will not operate (except for emergency call function) until the phone has cooled down. To avoid getting this warning, you should always keep your phone in a cool, shady place if you plan to be out in the sun.  


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