Defending the weak! Well maybe fragile is a better term…


Fixing phones is a sad business. Everyone walks in with their hands in their pockets, eyes to the ground, and an explanation before they hand us their disfigured connection to the outside world.

“it dropped in the toilet”
“my daughter drooled all over it”
“I pushed it down the stairs…the phone i mean”
“A mime chased me, so i threw the first thing i could get hold of to fend him off. It stood there dazed, looked at the phone, yelled with a warcry because i threw an iphone at him. I thought he wouldn’t mind considering he was a blackberry user.”

Many stories with many reasons why their phones are broken. Yet, today a man came in with a smile on his face, a phone in his hand, with glass impacted so badly it looked like sand stuck to adhesive. His story was perkier than most.

“I was running across the street and didn’t notice my phone had slipped off my pants. The crunch of the phone alerted me to its terrifying ordeal as it juggled between the tires of a hybrid car! I went toward it fearing for the worst, but it turned on. The phone still worked, although the glass was extremely cracked the phone was still protected by my otter box!”

I was able to make this phone look brand new for him, and he thanked me 100 times before he set off again with little worries about his lifeline to all links to his work, friends and family.

Moral of the story? We are in the business of fixing phones, but the stories people have regarding their moments of calamity are the reason why we wanted to fix phones in the first place. We recommend everyone to buy a case that will withstand those moments that can’t be controlled, yet undoubtedly happen. For those of you with your new iphone 4g i have you covered! I just got the new otterbox for them and would love to make sure that the fine citizens of Atlanta have a hero in their pocket in addition to us!

A knight is still a knight with their armor off, but fighting dragons and a car’s tires is easier with armor on.

knight in shining armor
fights car tires on a daily basis

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