Creating a Hologram on an iPad Pro 12.9

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During an afternoon search on Pinterest for tech-related coolness, we came across an article from Mashable on how to create a 3D hologram with an old CD case and your smartphone. We had all the materials handy around the office and we were feeling crafty, so we decided to give it a try.

The supplies you need to create the a 3D hologram for your smartphone and the finished product.


It turned out pretty cool, especially with a hologram Drake dancing to Hotline Bling. Word spread quickly about tiny Drake and people came from every corner of the office to revel at his moves.

Our Drake hologram.

But the allure of tiny Drake began to wear off pretty quickly and we started thinking of ways that we could take this project up a notch.


We got our hands on the new iPad Pro and the screen is big. Like really big. It’s only slightly smaller than a Macbook which is why we decided that this monster of a screen would be the perfect source for our bigger hologram projector. After a bit of math to find the new dimensions, we divvied up responsibilities for the rest of the build.

Gary volunteered his band saw and some spare clear acrylic sheets he had.

Using a 14 tpi blade (real sharp), he cut through the thin acrylic using the new measurements and taped the edges together to form our new pyramid.


Gary measuring out, cutting and crafting together the larger version of the projector.


To make hologram 2.0 more personal, Corey stepped in front of the green screen and did his best rendition of Hotline Bling. He then keyed out and created a video that mirrored his image four times around a square which will reflect up onto the side of the pyramid, creating the hologram illusion.


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 6.03.26 PM
Corey dancing in front of a green screen to create our video.


giphy (1)
The finished video, used to create the hologram image.


We learned from our first attempt that a dark atmosphere makes for a clearer image, so we blocked out all the light we could with a cardboard box turned on its side. With all the components gathered, we crowded around the conference room table and watched the spectacle unfold.


giphy (2)
Our dancing Corey hologram. Drake’s got nothing on him.


Let us know in the comments if you have any tech DIY that you’d like to see us tackle!



  • Cici Chenliu says:

    what were the dimensions you used for the ipad?

  • Kelly says:

    Yes can you give us the larger dimensions?

  • What a great idea! I even never thought that using a glue gun I can make such wonderful phone case! These are really eye-catching! Feeling hurry to make such a phone case for me! Hope to get one exactly like yours. Thanks Glatter, for sharing such helpful idea! 🙂

  • Chrysalena says:

    So,it’s safe for our phone unless we don’t leave in the sun for a while,right?(Sorry for my english mistakes ,I am from greece…hope you understood)

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