Cost of Protecting a Smartphone

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Smartphones have many benefits to the user, but it doesn’t help anyone if the phone is broken. If you haven’t made the jump into the smartphone world, but are thinking about getting one – remember to get a case! If you already have a smartphone and don’t use a case then maybe this article will change your mind. After selling so many smartphones and repairing them too, I can come up with several reasons why it’s a good idea to buy protection for your glass-faced smartphone.

First of all, smartphones aren’t cheap. If you sign a contract with a major carrier, then you may be locked in for 2 years. You will get a discount for the phone when you sign up, but you won’t get another discount until that 2 year contract is almost over. An iPhone 5s (16gb) is offered at $199.99 with a contract, but if you have to buy it at retail price? Expect to pay $649.99 plus taxes.

I’ve met a lot of people who don’t like cases because it makes the phone look or feel “bulky”. This is un-avoidable when it comes to good cases for your phone. Otterbox Defender cases have 2 layers of protection: a hard plastic casing surrounded by a thick rubber mold. Something to remember about these smartphones is that the front is made out of glass. Imagine trying to protect a fairly decent weighted mirror in your pocket all day. Not everyone can keep it in their hands to protect it. Accidents happen. You will be thankful for the Otterbox if or when that $700 piece of electronics falls onto the pavement with the case on it. There are other cases that provide great shock protection other than the Otterbox. The Life Proof case does just that and adds protection from liquid submergence as well.

Another major concern people have when it comes to buying a case for their phone is price. Let’s be honest with ourselves – you get what you pay for. Remember that $2 case you saw on Ebay? I would not recommend that to protect your $800 device. I am all for smart shopping, but some of these cases you’ll find online will not offer any protection. A great Otterbox case will range in price from $29.99 to $49.99. A Life Proof case will start at $79.99.

The best way to protect your smartphone other than getting a case is to not drop your phone. Not even once. If you can guarantee that to yourself, then a case isn’t worth your time. If you can’t promise that to yourself, it’s ok – remember that accidents happen and a good case can go a long way.

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