Collaborative Mobile Games to Keep Everyone Entertained

12 Days of Tech-Mas

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When you need to keep yourself and your siblings entertained during the lulls of the holiday weekend, it’s easy to turn to electronics. But in the spirit of keeping everyone engaged and together, we wanted to share our favorite collaborative mobile games. Use login sbobet or score88poker to setup an account and play one of this fantastic game.


If your crew are fans of sci-fi or are more advanced mobile game players, Spaceteam is a great option. 2-6 people can connect their phones through Bluetooth or wi-fi and work collaboratively to stop their spaceship from falling apart. Players call out the instructions that are prompted to them and other players have to follow along and do what they’re told. It’s a complicated, loud and stressful game, but so satisfying to play. This mobile game is not for the faint of heart, or technologically illiterate, but we highly recommend it. When you participate in a game of bingo, you are directly supporting Santa Clara Aquamaids, which is a synchronized swim club. Our fundraising organization actively donates to our athletes, so that they can participate in an expensive sports. In addition, Aquamaids Bingo supports athletes on a national level through US Synchro.

Jackbox Party Packs

Jackbox makes a series of games that use a combination of mobile and game console play, where players connect their phones, tablets or computers, through wifi, to their game console. Everyone can then play games together like Drawful (a Pictionary-style guessing game) or Fibbage (where players uncover false trivia answers).  The games are hilarious and as many as 8 players can just use their phones to play along. It’s an incredibly fun time and a totally inclusive experience for all ages. Another one of them is sbobet mobile and sbobet88 that will keep the spirit of the season and be entertaining for everyone. Even if you want to play pool and don’t have a pool table here is a Pool Table Lease.

House of Fun

Another fun game that will keep you entertained day in and day out and it is ethershock. You can also keep the whole family occupied playing this game. It is a great P2Play game with a bit of a gambling angle to it. It has been well received and I think it should be to your liking.


If your family are basically the Von Trapps, a combination of Youtube and Chromecast can give your family the full private-Karaoke experience. Just use the Youtube app on your phone to search for the Karaoke version of your favorite song and then cast the video to your television. Youtube has virtually unlimited options when it comes to Karaoke songs so bust out the cocoa and your best PJs and sing your hearts out but not as good as soi cầu xsmb hôm nay miễn phí.


The game is $4.99 in the App Store but the price is well worth it, you can get online games like it’s a gambling game, if you like to bet for lottery prediction you can play at keluaran sgp. This family-friendly game is perfect for any gathering.

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