Is Cloud Storage Right for You?

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Cloud storage is still a fairly new concept to many consumers out in the world. If you are the proud owner of a computer, or any electronic device for that matter, you should be backing up your data. It’s a thought that occurs to nearly all of us, but is not enacted by nearly enough of us. It used to be, you had no choice but to purchase external drives for your data back up needs. The process was often expensive, necessitating a new piece of equipment you had to make room for. Then, cloud storage, and all its infinite convenience made an appearance on the technological scene. No longer was an external hard drive a must have for your home or business, no longer was there a worry for when the last time you backed up your data was. Syncing, automatic backup, nearly unlimited space for data- cloud storage has an incredible number of benefits- that not nearly enough people are utilizing. Keep reading to find out why cloud storage is more beneficial to you than the average hard drive.


Once upon a time, there was no way to back up pictures, documents, music, without forking over a ton of money for an external hard drive. There was also the matter of remembering to always keep your back-ups as up to date as possible, and keeping track of said external hard drive. Needless to say. depending on how much you wanted to save in the even of a computer meltdown, backing up data was practically a part time job in itself. All of a sudden, a glorious concept known as cloud storage came into being, and people with all kinds of data rejoiced! Let’s take for example, the fact that there is nearly unlimited space for all your data needs. Though whether or not the internet is infinite or not will be the topic of a future post, the options for cloud computing seem to be practically infinite. Various sites and providers of cloud storage have different rates for different amounts of storage, with many having the first few GB free. Take a look:

Google Drive

15 GB free

100 GB for $4.99/month

200 GB for $9.99/month

400 GB for $19.99/month


2 GB free

100 GB for $8.25/month

200 GB for $16.60/month

500 GB for $41.60/month

Apple iCloud

5 GB free

25 GB for $3.30/month

55 GB for $8.30/month

Spider Oak

2 GB free

100 GB for $10/month

Each additional 100 GB for $10/month

As you can see, paying for the storage you need in various increments, with monthly payments, is inherently more convenient than purchasing a piece of equipment that you may or may not always need all the space on. Please make sure to read the details of all cloud computing sites for further and more specific details, including pricing.

It’s a tough place to be in when your hard drive becomes suddenly and permanently unable to function. As with all electronics, even the ones meant to aid you in disaster, problems can always arise. So the device meant to alleviate your stresses about losing data, could someday become part of the problem. Another benefit to cloud computing is the near foolproof backup and recovery options it offers. Companies that specialize in cloud storage are also generally experts in data recovery, since at its core, cloud storage is a particular type of data recovery. Besides recovery, one server is backed up by another server, backed up by another server. The chances of data ever becoming permanently lost are very slim to none. Cloud storage offers you peace of mind, where electronics cannot.


Besides wonderful space and recovery options, storing your data in a cloud offers the unique ability to sync across all your devices simultaneously. In a world where many of us rely on and use smartphones, tablets, and computers, this option is the biggest seller for many consumers just like you and I . Whether it is through Google’s Drive platform, Dropbox, or Apple iCloud, any new backups/information saved is readily available on any device supporting your cloud storage platform. In short, if you have Dropbox on your computer, smartphone, and tablet, and you put a copy of Pulp Fiction in your Dropbox, you can watch Butch and Marsellus go at it on any of those devices (so long as Dropbox is downloaded on to that device).


These are just the most obvious and radically beneficial aspects to choosing cloud storage for your data. If you still have questions, or want an opinion on which service to choose based on your individual needs, make sure you talk to a technician at your local uBreakiFix store.


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