How to Sanitize Your Technology

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Note: In light of the recent events involving the Coronavirus, we want to reiterate the importance of sanitizing your devices just as often as you are washing your hands. 

Our phones and our other favorite gadgets go wherever we go and some of those places are not the most sanitary. Phones can have around 25,000 harmful germs and bacteria per square inch and we’re constantly touching them and holding them up to our faces. It’s important to remember that just like our hands, our gadgets can pick up and re-distribute germs and it’s important to sanitize them in order to prevent spreading. 

Sanitizing your devices is easy and you probably have all the necessary tools already in your home. It is important to use caution (and protective gloves) with certain chemicals as certain hardware on your gadgets is delicate. Never spray any liquids directly onto your screen especially if there is existing screen damage. You should also never completely submerge your device or use harsh chemicals like bleach. 

How to sanitize your device:

  1. Use a Clorox wipe or a solution with at least a 70% alcohol content and a microfiber cloth to wipe down your device. 
  2. Do not saturate your device or pour a solution directly onto the device.  
  3. Don’t forget your case! Use a disinfectant wipe or more of your solution to disinfect your device’s case.

Remember, make sure to avoid over saturating your screen and other areas that may have damage and never pour any liquids directly onto your device.  


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