Why Screen Protectors Make the Best Gifts for Everyone

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The duty of a screen protector is simple. It is not fancy or particularly sexy, but it is nonetheless important and many people refuse to use their tech without one. We believe that the perfect gift fulfills three important categories: thoughtfulness, practicality and an element of surprise. A screen protector falls perfectly into each of these making it the perfect gift for any smartphone-using loved one on your list.


While they come in such little packages, gifting someone a screen protector is a truly thoughtful gesture. Protection plans and screen repairs aren’t always in the budget but a good screen protector will eliminate the need for these. It is giving someone peace of mind and ensuring that they don’t experience the heartache that can come with damaging your favorite device.


This is an easy one. What isn’t practical about a screen protector? A screen protector sits on top of a smartphone screen either in the form of a pane of thin glass or as a clear film and ensures that nothing can scratch or damage it. Some tempered glass versions even protect your screen from cracks and breaks if you drop it. From an affordability standpoint, you also can’t get much better. Screen protectors range in price from $7 to around $50 depending on the material, the phone compatibility and the package size. Make sure you know the exact model of phone your giftee has before purchasing.

An element of surprise:

The perfect gift is something that someone didn’t even know they needed. Most people know that they should probably get a screen protector but put it off until it’s too late. Take the lead and provide them with this thoughtful and practical gift they will be thankful for.

Have we convinced you?

If you’re suddenly in the market for a screen protector, here are some highly rated ones:

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