The Best Ways to Protect your iPad Pro


If you want your iPad Pro to last, it is best to invest in some basic protection. You’ve already dropped a big chunk of change on it so it’s best to protect it. Accidents, drops, kids, pets, and life can take a toll on your devices, but a little foresight can go a long way in making your gadgets last you a long time. Here are the best ways to protect your iPad Pro.

The Best iPad Pro Cases

A case is the best way to protect your iPad Pro and keep it in mint condition. While you may worry a case will feel bulky or cumbersome, the right case will only enhance your iPad Pro.

The OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 Case is a great option. It fully covers the tablet’s edges and corners to keep it safe from scratches, knicks, and any screen shattering. Protection like this is absolutely essential if your iPad Pro already has any small cracks or dings, as you don’t want a fall to cause the entire screen to fall apart. You can easily use the Apple Pencil with this case, or use without, which not every case is compatible. There’s a space in the case that allows the Apple Pencil to attach so that it can easily charge and sync. The back of the case is clear plastic with a rubber border that covers the buttons and has cutouts for the speakers, microphones, and USB ports. The front flap of the Symmetry Series 360 Case features a common three-panel design that allows you to fold it and stand the tablet up at different angles. The front of the case is faux leather and lined with microsuede.

If your children use your iPad Pro, you’ll want to invest in a different kind of case. You need to kid-proof your tablet if you want to protect it from any mishaps that can occur when kids are playing with it. Speck’s Freestanding iGuy Case is the perfect pick. It’s fun design features two little arms on the sides for kids to hold onto and two little legs that allow it to stand upright. The case is durable and made of tough EVA foam that can withstand drops and roughhousing. Speck has even tested it against extreme temperatures, chemicals, cracks, and abrasions.

The Best iPad Pro Screen Protectors

To avoid scratches and microfractures, you should equip your iPad Pro with a screen protector.  Popular screen protector brand ZAGG makes an impact and scratch resistant protector called Glass +. In our uBreakiFix stores, we carry a liquid screen protector from Cell Helmet that can be installed by one of our techs and comes with a warranty. No matter what kind of screen protector you choose, make sure that it will protect your iPad from damage without compromising the clarity and responsiveness of the screen.

uBreakiFix Can Fix Your iPad Pro

Of course, if your iPad Pro happens to endure a fall or incur damage that a case cannot protect it from, that doesn’t mean that the situation is hopeless. You can still take your tablet to your nearest uBreakiFix location for repair and we will get your iPad Pro back in tip-top shape in no time

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