What is the best Smart Phone for you?

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We are living in the age of smart phones and it is truly incredible what we can achieve with these advanced devices. There are some many different models, brands, and styles that it can be confusing and overwhelming to decide what is the right one to pick. I hope this article will help you find the right one.

Purpose. Why do you need this device? That is the first question you should ask yourself. Will this be for business, pleasure or both? When I used to sell phones, I would get a large mixture of people who used it for work or school and that justified the extra data cost. Others wanted to have it just for the apps. Whatever the reason, make sure it will be beneficial and not just a device you throw extra money at every month on your phone bill.

Apple, Android or Windows. This question will be answered with a lot of passion or as I like to call “fanboyism” depending on who you ask. First, let’s talk about the iPhone. Apple makes it really easy to jump into their handset. It’s ease-of-use operating system and design is top-notch. Add in an App store that has something for everyone and you will never be left wanting for a certain app. Most of the apps that are made are usually made for the iPhone first and then released for other platforms. Since they keep their models around for about a year, you will also see a lot of choices for accessories and cases. This will keep you fully customized and stylish, if you’re into that. Do you want a case made out of wood? No problem. What about a case that looks like an old school Nintendo controller? No problem. Apple is all about having their eco-system in sync. What that means is if you use a Macbook Pro or iMac, then it makes it really easy to sync with an iPhone. Not to say you can’t use an Android or Windows device with your Apple computers, but its just easier with an iPhone.

Let’s talk about the little green robot called Android. Some people get tired of the Apple design and want something different. Different can mean a larger screen like the Samsung Note 3 or the Galaxy S4. Samsung is at the forefront of the Android business, but HTC and LG still make great devices. Another advantage that Android phones have over the iPhone is handset pricing. It is easier to find a good deal on an Android smartphone. Be aware: you do get what you pay for. Make sure you do your research and price around. A retailer could mark any smartphone really low just to get rid of stock. The operating system is customizable to the point where every home page can look different from each other. For example, HTC designs a Facebook widget app that lets you post a status right on the home screen. The user doesn’t have to click on the app at all.

Last but not least, let’s talk about Microsoft’s offerings. Microsoft made some big news when they partnered up with Nokia. Nokia has always made solid handsets even before smartphones came into play and that hasn’t changed. The operating system is easy to use and each “live tile” app will refresh with new data and notifications. Now that Microsoft is focusing on Windows 8 for PC’s, they are working on cross-platform compatibility with their tablets and phones. Their app store is still lacking in apps, but that will change over time. They have some phones that are unique in their own right. The Nokia Lumia 1020 has been well received for its nice display and 41 megapixel camera, which comes in handy in growing culture of photo obsession.You can buy lots of these products using an online store for tech products where you can get some very cheap deals, the final decision is which to buy but here you can find the best ones !

Ultimately, there isn’t one smartphone for everyone. Every brand and handset has their unique differences. Apple will always appeal to a mass audience with its easy to use operating system and sleek designs. They are the Hondas of the mobile phone industry – something you can rely on. Android phones are for people who want to have something a bit more custom. There are a lot of different manufacturer’s making android phones and that competition makes for some creative and innovative cell phones. Samsung is leading the charge with larger and vibrant screen displays. Then there is Microsoft that is finally pushing forward and making a name for themselves in the phone market. They got more aggressive by adding stores in malls and renting space in Best Buy stores. The same goes for Samsung. Whatever choice you make, you can’t go wrong in this day in age where these pocket-sized devices can do so much.

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