Are Smart Contacts the Future of Pokemon Go?

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As the viral craziness of the launch of Pokemon Go finally settles, the 9.5 million daily active users around the world are all wondering what’s next for the game. Although there are many rumors swirling around about how Niantic will take gameplay to the next level, there are a few theoretical and confirmed accessories that could be bringing the game even further out of the virtual world.


Pokemon Contact Lenses

Niantic CEO John Hanke is ready to go bigger with Pokemon Go by partnering with bigger companies and events that would get people out and moving while playing his game. At VentureBeat’s GameBeat conference last weekend, Hanke said that he would someday like to create Pokemon Go contact lenses or smart glasses that would encourage users to look up from their phones and interact more with the world. Users could potentially see Pokemon, gyms and other characters through the lenses without having to take out their phones. Although smart glasses don’t have a great track record with users (looking at you Google Glass), maybe the influence of Pokemon Go could make these glasses or contacts more sellable.  

Pokeball Controller

A team of software engineers in Redding, Ca are using Kickstarter to try to get their Pokemon Go controller funded. The controller looks just like a real Pokeball would and it is made out of a durable foam that will survive forceful impact. With the controller, when you see a Pokemon on your screen you would be able to catch it by throwing the Pokeball at the ground where you see it through augmented reality. Creators also claim that it will work without physically throwing the ball. We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet…The ball also acts as an external charger that will give your phone that extra juice you need to catch em all.  The Kickstarter has already reached 100% of its goal and will begin shipping to backers in November 2016.


Pokemon Go Plus

The biggest (and most official) change that will be coming to Pokemon Go users, is the Pokemon Go Plus add-on. Niantic developers don’t believe that you should be restricted to looking at your phone anymore, so they have created a band that will interact with the game. The band, dubbed The Plus, is shaped like a Google maps pin, but looks like a Pokeball. It will connect to your smart devices through bluetooth and can be worn in bracelet or pin form. The Plus will alert you when you are near PokeStops or Pokemon and then allows you to throw a Pokeball to try and catch it. However, this feature only works with Pokemon that are already in your Pokedex. There is no confirmed release date for Pokemon Go Plus yet, but we do know that the device will cost $34.99.


So do you think you’ll be buying any of these Poke-cessories when they come on the market or is the hype completely fizzled out for you?

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