Are all activity trackers created equal?

Tech Tips

So you’ve made the decision to be a little healthier and exercise more. Good choice, but now you need the right tech. Activity trackers are incredibly convenient for tracking steps and calories but there are so many on the market right now, it’s difficult to choose. So we’re here to ask the question: Are all activity trackers created equal?
Your ideal activity tracker entirely depends on the extent of features you want. Do you need a display or are you okay with checking your phone? Do you want sleep trackers or a battery that lasts more than a day? We put a few of the most popular activity trackers back to back to compare features for you.PrintNow that you have a better idea, get your perfect activity tracker and get sweaty! And don’t forget, activity trackers can get water damage, screen cracks and battery problems too and we’re here for you if it does.


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