Apps To Track Your Holiday Packages

12 Days of Tech-Mas

When late-night holiday shopping on Amazon, eBay, and Best Buy gets a little out of hand, it’s easy to lose track of which packages are arriving when and where. And if you’ve ever lost a package in the mail or had an important gift show up post-Christmas or Hanukkah, you know the struggle all too well. Thankfully, there are some helpful apps out there that allow you to keep track of your packages from your smartphone or tablet.


Slice syncs up with your email account to make tracking packages a breeze. It searches through your entire account to find purchases and tracking info. Slice isn’t merely a package tracking app, though. It also will show how much you’ve spent and/or saved in different categories of purchases. It even sifts through past online purchases, so you can revisit Christmases past. Slice will even let you know if something from past purchases qualifies for a refund. If you’re shipping packages, Slice can track that too. It has a handy barcode scanner so you can be sure there aren’t any issues with on-time delivery. Slice has compatibility with iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch. 


Deliveries is a phone app for simplified package tracking. It’s great for juggling multiple shipments and simple to use. You just enter the tracking number and the app will do the rest of the work for you. You can even connect it to your Amazon account so it can keep track of orders that haven’t shipped yet. Sync Deliveries to your calendar app, and it will automatically add and update delivery dates to it. The only drawback of Deliveries is that you have to pay for it, but at only $4.99 it’s a great purchase for any avid online shoppers. Deliveries is compatible with smartwatches too. 



Parcel works on your smartphone or desktop to pull shipping info from your email inbox. If you prefer not to allow access to your inbox, you can manually add your tracking numbers to the app instead. The free version of Parcel allows you to track three packages at a time, so if that seems measly at the height of holiday shopping it’s worth upgrading for only $2.99 for unlimited package tracking.

Carrier Apps

The main mail carriers all have their own tracking apps as well. UPS has UPS Mobile for Android and iOS. United States Postal Service has USPS Mobile, which you can find on Google Play or the iTunes app store. FedEx has a FedEx Mobile app for Android and iOS as well. If you’d rather just track a package here and there, these could be a good option for you.

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