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Whether you consider yourself a sports nut or not, it’s easy to get sucked into the excitement of the Olympics. The summer 2016 games officially went underway on Saturday night in Rio, Brazil but there is still plenty of time to tune in and cheer on your favorite athletes. There are a LOT of different sports, events and athletes to keep track of and there are several apps dedicated to helping you with this task. Sbobet is the world’s leading online gaming company specialising in Asian Handicap sports betting and in-play live betting. Here is a breakdown of each app starting with our favorite.


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Rio 2016

Sponsored by the official Rio 2016 Olympics, the ‘Rio 2016’ app is definitely the easiest and most appealing to use. Upon opening the app you are prompted to choose your favorite sport so that you can start receiving notifications about those events and athletes. On the home page, the most timely of your favorite events will be shown first, followed by the events happening in the next few hours/days. The latest news and current medal standings are only a swipe away and if you happen to be in Rio, there are maps and directions to where the events are being held. Even if you’re not in Rio, it’s still interesting to use this feature to see the large expanse of Rio being used for the games. Using the side menu, you can learn more about each country’s teams and stories of the athletes. You can also use this app to follow the Paralympics, which don’t start until early September.


Getting real-time updates are a slight inconvenience using this app because it redirects you to an internet browser window, but that’s really the only qualm we can find with this app. It’s simple, straight forward and there are no distracting ads or excessive content.  


Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.19.12 PMNBC Olympics 

Sponsored by (you guessed it) NBC, ‘NBC Olympics’ is a cluttered, but helpful way to stay on top of the games. The best feature is actually not a part of the app at all, but its companion app that allows you to watch events live. While a truly unique feature, it forces users to download two different apps. The NBC app has decently sized ads that take away quite a bit from the appeal.on the homepage, you have a little bit of everything. There are the stats of events currently taking place and highlights from the entirety of the games so far. While you do have the option to personalize what kind of content you want to see, the interface is very busy.


Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.15.47 PMOlympics 

Lastly we looked at the official app for the Olympics. What makes this app unique is the information that has nothing to do with the current games. This app has pages of information about the history of the Olympic games, the torch lighting process, the making of the medals and about Rio. Did you know that in the first modern Olympic champion was an American named James Connolly? He won the triple jump on April 6, 1896 and was awarded a silver medal and an olive branch crown. Gold, silver and bronze medals were not awarded until the 1904 Games in St. Louis. This app is worth the download just for this section.


No matter which you prefer, there is really no wrong way to get involved and cheer on your favorite teams. Let us know who your favorite athletes are in the comments below!


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