Apple Keynote Bingo

Tech Hacks

Tomorrow at 10 am PST (1 pm EST), Apple will be live streaming their annual September keynote where they will presumably announce the iPhone 7 and maybe some updates for the Apple Watch and Macbook. Apple does a pretty good job at keeping their releases under wraps until the day of, but based on rumors and patterns of past September keynotes, we can make a few educated guesses on what this one will be like.


We’ve compiled these predictions into an interactive BINGO card that you can use as you watch the live stream. Will Tim Cook break out the prayer hands to thank the crowd for their applause? Will the iPhone 7 be unveiled in blue? Will anybody try to use a meme incorrectly? Tune in and play along with Apple Keynote Bingo to find out!

If you decide to play along, tweet us a picture of your bingo card when the keynote is over using the hashtags #ubreakifix and #AppleKeynoteBingo.


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