How to Fix AirPods that Won’t Connect

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Wondering how to fix Airpod connection issues? You’re in luck! Our tech professionals put together this quick list of ways to fix AirPods that won’t connect. Whether one Airpod won’t connect, or both Airpods aren’t showing up, these tips should work. Simply follow our expert steps, and you’ll conquer your connectivity issues in no time.

How to Fix Apple AirPods That Won’t Connect

1. Update Your iOS

Missed updates can often be the culprit of many of the different issues we run into with our devices – this includes our AirPods. If your iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device is not properly updated it may be the reason for your AirPods are experiencing connectivity issues. 

To check and see if your device has the latest iOS software update, Open the “General Settings” menu on your device. Then, select “Software Update.” If there is an available update, try installing it and see if this resolves the issue with your AirPods not connecting.  

* For connection issues with your Mac, Apple requires your computer to have macOS 10.14.4 or later for 2nd Generation AirPods, or macOS Sierra or later if using 1st Generation AirPods. 


2. Charge Things Up

I know this may seem like a silly suggestion, but sometimes we just forget! Wouldn’t you hate to waste time wondering “Why won’t Airpods connect?!” just to find out that it was from a depleted battery? Drained devices are a common reason people experience connectivity issues with their AirPods. Before moving on from this step, double-check that both your AirPods AND your AirPod case are both sufficiently charged to rule this out as a possible reason for your connectivity issues. The device you’re connecting to should be charged, too, whether that’s your phone, laptop, or another device altogether. After all, your Airpods won’t connect if there isn’t enough juice to keep them on. If this doesn’t seem to be the issue, move on to tip number 3. 


3. Check Your Connection

If you’re anything like us, you probably connect your AirPods to a slew of different devices you own, from MacBook to iPhone. When jumping from one device to another, we can often forget to pair our AirPods to the current device we are using. When your AirPods seem to suddenly stop working, it can summon a bead of sweat to your brow and a chill down your spine. But before you start to worry that your expensive AirPods have gone kaput or start burying an overly-early electronic grave, take a breath and double-check your connections. Your AirPods may be alive after all, busily transmitting absolutely nothing from the MacBook in your bedroom. 


4. Disconnect & Reconnect

If you’re still stuck and your Airpods won’t connect, you may need to try disconnecting and then reconnecting them. 

To do this: First, close the lid to your case and wait 15 seconds. Then, open it back up & press and hold the set-up button for 10 seconds. You can locate this button on the back of your AirPods’ case. Once you see the flashing light, you can now attempt to reconnect your AirPods to your device. 

If this does not fix your connectivity issues, proceed to the next section to learn how to perform a full reset.


5. Perform a Full Reset

There’s one more option to fix Apple AirPods with connectivity problems. For this step, you’ll need to perform a full reset on the device. While it may seem extreme, a full reset on your AirPods isn’t as dramatic or destructive as performing a reset on other devices can be, since there’s no precious photos or important notes to wipe from your earbuds. You’re likely to lose your AirPod settings, but that’s an easy fix once you have a connection again.


How to Reset Airpods:

1. First, return your AirPods to the case, close it for 30 seconds, and then open the case back up. 

2. Go to the “Settings” menu on your device, then select “Bluetooth.” You should see your AirPods listed. Click the “i” icon, and then select “Forget This Device.”

3. Next, we’ll reconnect your AirPods. Close the lid on your AirPod case and wait 15 seconds. After that, you’ll need to open the case back up, then press and hold the set-up button for 10 seconds. When you see a light flashing,  reconnect your AirPods to the desired device.


Our team at uBreakiFix hope this article was able to help you with whatever AirPods connectivity issues you may be dealing with. These should work whether the issue is that one of my airpods is not connecting, or both of my Airpods won’t connect. We know what a bummer it can be when the devices that we love most experience problems; especially when you don’t know what the cause is! If you’re still experiencing AirPod connection problems after following all the above steps and need some professional help, you can always stop by your local uBreakiFix. Diagnostics are absolutely free, and our electronic experts are happy to help you connect things again.

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