Androids Make Me Hungry


I can’t be the only one whose mouth waters at the sound of a new Android version being released. Sure, faster processing and a better interface gets me excited, but I’m all about those yummy names. Google has been in touch with Android users’ sweet tooths since 2009 when they released Cupcake. I have now stuffed my face with Kit-Kats, jelly beans, ice cream sandwiches, honeycombs, froyo, gingerbread, eclairs, donuts (Mmm…donuts), and yes, I even experienced some old school cupcakes. Right now, I’ve been sucking on a lollipop for a few months and I’m already curious as to what my next sugar fix is going to be. We know Android M is is going to have some great features like Chrome Custom tabs, more intuitive fingerprint support, and Android Pay, but I want to know what I’m sinking my teeth into and if I should save room for dessert! These are my tasty predictions.


This is the most probable name for the next Android release and the most boring. Isn’t a muffin just a cupcake sans the frosting? I’m hoping it’ll be double chocolate chip or banana nut. Knowing the initial bugs most versions have, it’ll probably be more along the lines of a stale bran muffin in the back of your grandmother’s refrigerator.



Image via: Appleros




People say they like marshmallow, but it’s something sweet that needs to accompany other foodstuffs to make it taste good. If we do get Marshmallow, I’ll need to find my old Gingerbread and Kit-Kat devices and make a tasty variation on the traditional S’more recipe .


Image via: WeHeartIt



The Android that melts if you forget to leave it in your car during the summer and not in your hands.

m&m android

Image Via: Maximum PC



So delicious, petite, sweet, and trendy. Too bad I need to brush up on my foreign language skills, I’ve heard rumors that if Google goes with macaroon, you can only have French for your language settings.




Image Via: Venere


Malted Milk Ball

A candy that you forget about until Halloween rolls around and you’re like, “Oh, yeah, I remember those.” Basically the malted milk ball is the Windows Phone of the candy world.

malted milk balls

Image Via: Nuts


The Android operating system that will bring all the boys to the yard.



Image Via: Food Channel


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