Android Tips and Tricks- Part I

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When you get a new phone, how long do you spend reading through the manual? Do you literally go through every step? For the average person, the answer is probably “no”. Even if you read the entire manual, there are still plenty of Android tips and tricks to be found outside the pages of the sacred phone manual- today we are going to begin visiting these valuable and easy to master Android tricks.


Turn your Phone Into an Instant Wireless Hotspot:

In your phone:


From here, you can select the option for “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot”. Boom! You’re in portable wi-fi business!

Maximize Battery Life:

-Menu-Settings-Display-Brightness-Select Automatic Brightness

Force Reboot (frozen screen):

If you’re screen is (seemingly) hopelessly frozen, there’s a simple trick for that. Many people remedy this issue by simply pulling out the battery- don’t do that! You can cause a lot of issues in your phone by hastily pulling out a battery.

Power Button+Home Button+Volume Up. Press these buttons simultaneously to reboot your phone from its frozen state.

Facial Recognition Unlock (Jelly Bean):

When you set up your security/unlock feature on your phone- as you always should- Android Jelly Bean takes it one step further with facial recognition. This unique feature requires not only the registered face to pop up before it, but that face must also blink at least once. This is to prevent any type of picture or fraud attempts to break into your phone.

 Phone Info/Statistics:

To get information on on battery usage, phone statistics, Wi-Fi, etc. dial *#*#4636#*#*

Files on the Go:

Have you considered using your Android phone as portable storage device? No? Well, it’s really easy, so give it a try!

Activate storage mode by plugging your Android phone into your computer, using a USB cable. Swap files as needed, and you are good to go!

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