Android Apps You Can’t Live Without


We’ve poured through thousands of Android apps to bring you the twelve we think are truly essential. From silly and fun to super-productive, all of these apps are a must for your Android. (All images courtesy of the Google Play store.)


There are tons of weather apps out there, but hands down, our favorite is AccuWeather, which gives you up to the minute forecasts, the “real feel,” and an animated radar that lets you track storms moving through the area. Never get caught in a rainstorm without your umbrella again!



For those of us who use public transit for that morning commute, but don’t want to forgo the favorite morning shows and news programs we listen to in the car, TuneIn has us covered. A real radio that lets you browse over 100,000 radio stations and millions of podcasts, TuneIn is making radio relevant again.



Just like the ‘last’ button on your remote control lets you switch between two channels on your television, this app lets you jump back and forth between two apps on your Android. With a button that hovers on your screen, LAS makes multitasking on the Android easier than ever. Jump seamlessly between web-browsing and texting, emailing, and finishing that TV show on Netflix.



This one is tried and true. With a Netflix membership, you can watch anything in their massive library with just one click. Great for long bus rides, doctor’s office waiting rooms, or the treadmill at the gym, you can start watching on your Android, and easily pick up on your TV or computer. Netflix also lets you switch back and forth between users, so your shows don’t get mixed up with everyone else on your account. AKA, no more SpongeBob suggestions when you are a Luther fan.



If you are more into core workouts than cardio, The Active Channel is the app for you. Access thousands of fitness shows and videos directly from your Android—you need a WiFi connection, but once you have it you’ll be able to watch your favorite workout videos from anywhere connectivity is available!. Keep a list of your all-time favorites, or browse the app’s huge catalog to get those rock hard abs, take a karate class, or get some useful nutrition advice.



Looking for a recipe book that fits in your pocket? flavourit helps you keep track of all your favorite recipes. Share them with your friends, add items to your grocery list, and, coolest of all, use their handy-dandy recipe editor to make notes about all the hits ans misses during your culinary experimentation!



If you are one of those who like to connect your computer to your television screen, you will love the Unified Remote. Switch between songs and screens without getting up from the couch. There is a reason this app has over 20,000 five star reviews from users at the Google Play store- it makes multi-tasking a breeze!



This awesome free app lets you choose from Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, English or Italian, providing fun, effective ways to become multilingual. Play addictive games on-the-go, that let you rack up points and keep track of your winning streaks, all while learning a new language. If you are addicted to games on your phone, this is an educational way to get your gaming fix.



With its hefty price tag, we can’t all have Google Glass, but with an Android, we can have free Google Goggles. Take pictures of the world around you to find out more about the landmark, painting, or product you are perusing. Your smartphone really is the most amazing portal, to nearly endless knowledge. Start snapping pictures with your Google Goggles today, and a world of knowledge is literally at your fingertips!


Keep track of all the passwords for your favorite sites and sign in with just a tap of your finger. All passwords are encrypted with the strongest encryption technology, and locked with a “master password”. On some phones, you can even unlock your password box with your fingerprint! A safe and easy way to manage your online accounts and protect your identity. The app even has a Wallet section that lets you store IDs, banking details and passport information!



This app is a must for the savvy texter. SwiftKey Keyboard gives you better autocorrect and next-word prediction, making it faster than ever to communicate via smartphone. It also gives you access to an extensive emoji library, and will suggest emojis that match your words. As you use the app and it learns your texting style, your autocorrects and predictions will grow in efficiency!



Because sometimes, you just need an addicting puzzle game to zone out with in those boring situations. Swipe to push the Pudding Monsters together and create the Ultimate Mega Monster. It sounds silly, but it’s super fun, and great for fans of games like Candy Crush or 2048.

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  • David says:

    Some good choice here, but….Google Goggles? Seriously? This was a cool app back in 2013. But Google hasn’t updated or supported it really since 2104 guys. Almost 4 yrs. It’s a dead app. What for Google Lens, but in the meantime take this off your list.

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