Action News Back For More


Today Action News Jacksonville came back for a follow-up interview about the iPhone 4 and the “issues” surrounding signal strength and dropped calls. Although many people claim to have problems with the phone, we at uBreakiFix, Jacksonville have actually had a really hard time trying to get the phone to drop calls or drop signal while holding the sides of the phone, which has caused much of the problem. Our hypothesis is that the new update Apple has released will help tremendously, along with the use of anything covering the left part of the phone in between the top and bottom.

In a response to the media attacks on the Apple device, today Steve Jobs released a statement claiming they will reimburse or provide free “bumper” cases to all iPhone 4 users… If you have any questions or want to discuss this hot topic, don’t hesitate to respond to this online, or via phone (904) 642-2980.

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