6 Hidden Android Features We Bet You Didn’t Know About




6 Cool Android Features

We Bet You Didn’t Know About

hidden android features: android screen running 2 applications and text that reads "two screens at once!"

Unleash your phone’s full power with these hidden tools.


Let’s face it; it’s easy to fall into a rut with your phone usage. We get trapped toggling between the same old apps over and over, somehow forgetting these devices are always being updated with new tools and tricks. 

There are teams of techs out there whose sole purpose is to create features aimed to make our lives easier, or awesome additions that are just plain fun! In this article, we’ll explore some of the lesser-known capabilities that your Android has to offer, so you can take full advantage of your device. Try these fun hidden Android features out!


1. Chrome Split Screen

Do you ever get annoyed having to flip back and forth from Chrome to another application? With Chrome’s “Split Screen” feature, you don’t have to. This is such a cool tool; it allows you to view a Chrome webpage and run another app at the same time on one screen. If you love to multitask, this capability is a major must-have!


To activate split-screen, first tap on your Chrome application you’d like to use. Press and hold the center navigation button on the bottom of the screen (or bottom of your phone, if you have a physical button), then swipe upward. The app window will be highlighted, and options for either “App Info” or “Split Screen” will appear. Select “Split Screen,” and it will let you pick another app. Even better?

This doesn’t just work with Chrome; you can split screens with any two applications, as long they support this feature. In the split-screen mode, you can even copy and drag text directly into your other application. So if, let’s say, you found a really cool quote online and wanted to send it in a message? Simply split your screen with your messaging application, copy the text, then drag and drop. It’s as easy as that! 



2. Google Assistant Games

You’ve probably already realized the built-in Google Assistant on your Android device is a pretty handy tool, but did you know it can be fun too? That’s right! It’s not just for asking quick questions or turning on your bedroom lights. You can actually play specially made games right within your Google Assistant. Just go to your Google Assistant Settings or simply say “Show me Settings,” then scroll down to “Games & Fun.”


With Google Assistant games, your phone can quiz you on any topic you are interested in or you can download and play verbal games such as “The Game of Castle” with your in-phone assistant. You can even have your fortune told! If you get bored and want a fun playmate, we definitely advise giving your Google Assistant a try. Check out the full list of Google Assistant games here.


3. Real-Time Translations 

This nifty little feature is made possible by the “Gboard,” Google’s standard keyboard. A lot of people don’t realize that you have the ability to quickly translate text as you type in real-time! With real-time translations, there’s no need to need to flip back and forth between your text and a translation app.


To start, simply press the “G” symbol on your Gboard. Then select the Google Translate logo (it’s a “G” next to the Chinese character 文 on a background that folds from blue to grey). Now, select the languages you would like to work with. Type what you would like to say and you will see a preview of the translated text. 


Once you find the translation you’d like, select the checkmark and it will be translated! This secret Android feature is incredibly easy to use, and can really broaden your horizons when you’re trying to communicate quickly.



4. Flip Silencing

Flip silencing your Android phone is an excellent feature; and one that requires very little effort to use. Thanks to this feature, your phone’s ringtone can quickly be silenced in one simple step– just flip it over! Androids automatically silence themselves when the device is turned screen-side down. 


This is a really convenient capability; especially for those of us who don’t like to keep our phones on silent all the time, but also hate fumbling around awkwardly to find the volume button when a call comes in at an inopportune moment. 

Added bonus? It means you get used to flipping your phone down when you’d like to pay full attention to your surroundings. Like a healthy habit for mindfulness, embedded right into your everyday tech.


5. Guest Mode

Have you ever had to show someone something on your phone, but got nervous that they might swipe the wrong way and see something they shouldn’t have? Or want to walk away, but feel too worried they’ll snoop around on your phone? If this has ever happened to you, we definitely recommend taking advantage of “Guest Mode.” This Android feature allows you to switch into a guest user account on your phone that limits access to your private information and data. 


To enter into this mode, use two fingers to swipe down on the home screen. You should see a “Guest” icon appear. Once you select this icon, your phone will be put into what’s known as “Guest Mode.” Now you can safely hand over your phone without fear!


6. Personal Reminders

Life is constantly throwing so much at us that it can be difficult to remember even just little things like “What items did I need to return today?” or “Where did I place that folder?” If you’d like a reminder to keep track of the thousand things on your mind, why not have your Google Assistant remember things for you?


In addition to keeping track of your schedule and letting you know if you have a meeting scheduled, your Google Assistant can also serve as a sort of second brain by reminding you of whatever you’d like it to remember for you. To access this feature, just tell your Google Assistant “Remember….” and whatever you would like it to remember. When you need to be reminded just say “Remind Me.” This is such an easy feature to use, but can save you from a lot of headaches and heartache.


People absolutely love their Android phones, and for good reason! They have so many powerful capabilities, and are incredibly customizable. We often get stuck using the same features and apps that we’re already used to, instead of upgrading or trying something new.


But now that we’ve introduced you to a couple of the very useful hidden features on your Android phone, there’s no excuse for falling in a phone rut. Go try them out for yourself!


And if the only thing surprising about your Android device right now is that it’s not working, bring it in to your local uBreakiFix. Diagnostics are always free, and we’re happy to help.

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