5 Most Common Xbox One Issues and How to Fix Them

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If your Xbox One won’t read a disc, is not turning on, or even turns off by itself, you’re not alone. Many users report facing Xbox One issues ranging from grinding noises to games not installing. Whether it’s a hardware malfunction or Xbox One connection issues, we’ve taken the 5 most common Xbox One problems and provided a fix for each one.


Xbox One Disc Grinding

Is your Xbox One making a weird noise? This is actually the disc drive of the Xbox One grinding because of a loose gear. It doesn’t scratch the game discs but it makes them impossible to read.

How to Fix it

You could contact Microsoft or the store you purchased it from for a replacement, but some people have made the Xbox One’s disc drive grinding stop with this method:

  1. Remove the disc.
  2. Disconnect all cables.
  3. Hold Xbox One upside down.
  4. Gently palm-slap the console three times.


Xbox One Failure to Update

If your Xbox One won’t update, instead hanging suspended or displaying a message about a problem with the update. This is one of the most frustrating Xbox One issues to encounter because you need these mandatory updates to even play single player games in offline mode.

How to Fix It

Clearly, Xbox One connection issues are keeping you from updating. If your Xbox One won’t update, there are four possible solutions.

  1. Double-check to ensure you are connected online.
  2. Microsoft servers could be down, so check their online status.
  3. Try to connect via Ethernet.
  4. Turn off the Xbox One, unplug for 30 seconds, then re-plug and turn back on.


Xbox One Powering On Issues

The Xbox One will not turn on, or only turns on for a brief period of time before shutting off.

How to Fix It

An Xbox One with issues powering could have a defective power supply, indicated by a flickering or black light, or a problem with the internal power supply. Try to unplug and re-plug your Xbox One after 30 seconds to reset the internal power supply.


Xbox One Unexpectedly Powers Down

The Xbox One abruptly shuts off. This is different from Xbox One issues related to powering up.

How to Fix It

Possible solutions to an Xbox One with issues powering down include:

  • Cleaning the vents.
  • Selecting “Don’t Turn off Automatically” within the Power & Supply settings screen.
  • Replacing the power supply.


My Games Won’t Install

Suddenly your Xbox One has issues and stops a game from installing.

How to Fix It

The solution for this problem is different than when the Xbox One won’t read a disc after installing. First, make sure that:

  • Your console is updated.
  • The disc is in good condition.

If so, then try to install the game while offline. Reconnect to Xbox Live when finished and the Xbox One issues should be gone.

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