Wish you could go back? We can help with that…


Day in day out I awake from my slumber to fight off the denizens of Atlanta traffic to open the doors and provide iphone repair services that are rumored to make even Steve Jobs weep with joy!

Maybe that’s a little over dramatic, but as the iphone slowly plummets to the ground, most people have experienced a sense of slow motion that can only be compared to bullet time in Matrix movies. Your photos of your babies, Led zeppelin albums, and downloaded angry birds game all scream out at you as they kiss the ground forcefully.

Well i’m here to tell you that invisible forces that have been scientifically proven i.e., gravity and sometimes inertia, have finally met their match! uBreakiFix Atlanta is here for you. We turn back time on the mistakes/accidents, like the Prince of Persia does with the sands of time, or like Emmett Brown and his Delorean. I will give you another chance to see what once was. Your iphone “will be” returned to its former glory and I am the man, we are the company, to make these miracles happen.

So instead of researching time travel or handing over loads of money to replace your phone. Come to us, and let us do the impossible for you at a nominal price.

88 miles per hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to be concluded……..

"where we're going we don't need roads"

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