What’s my cheapest iPhone screen repair option?

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“What’s my cheapest iPhone screen repair option?” – Tips to Fix Your iPhone Screen that Won’t Break the Bank


If you cracked your screen and need a fix fast, you’ve got a few options to choose from. The Apple store, a DIY repair, or another licensed repair store. Keep reading, and we’ll reveal the cheapest iPhone screen repair method, along with your other options, then break down all the pros and cons. 



Book an appointment with an Apple store technician.

This option usually costs a significant sum, depending on the type of damage. That’s because at an Apple store, prices can range wildly depending on the type of repair required. While getting an iPhone 8 screen repair costs $149, and iPhone 8+s screen repair will cost you $169, this price increases rapidly if you have any other issues. Various other iPhone 8 repair services are offered from Apple at $399


This wide price range makes it pretty clear that an Apple store repair is not always the most affordable option. In fact, an iPhone X repair involving anything other than a basic screen replacement typically costs $549; only $150 less than the cost of a brand-new replacement. Of course, repair options are often much more affordable if done by a similarly qualified, independent iPhone repair technician. Many third-party repair shops offer genuine Apple parts, too.



Try to do it yourself.

If you’re tech-savvy and willing to potentially void your warranty (or break your phone completely), you can opt to do the iPhone screen replacement yourself. 


Let’s assume you are a DIYer who wants to repair their cracked iPhone 5 screen. Well, a new off-brand iPhone 7 screen costs about $25 to $45. Unless there’s an electronic spare-parts shop nearby, you’ll have to get one online, which makes it hard to verify quality. 


You’ll also need a repair kit, which generally ranges $10 to $30. DIYs are risky, and depending on your skills, could end up badly. Choosing a DIY repair could void your iPhone’s warranty, or cause permanent damage to your iPhone. You might have come across a few “easy” broken iPhone screen repair videos, or see quick homemade solutions advertised online. While some tricks might be effective for light screen scratches, they usually spell disaster for shattered phone screens, and can completely ruin the digitizer underneath your screen.


Our expert tips? Don’t use toothpaste to fix a scratch, never apply glues to your screen, and don’t try to fix liquid damage with rice. It can do more harm than good. 



Visit an electronics repair shop.

Lack the desire or expertise to repair your cracked iPhone screen yourself, and don’t have the money to turn to Apple’s expensive options? You can have a similarly qualified professional technician replace your cracked screen for you instead.


Average iPhone repair prices range from $100 to $200, and turnaround times range depending on the extent of the damage. Using a cheap, unqualified iPhone repair service will wind up costing even more in the end. Go to a qualified repair shop with a proven track record of success instead, and you can get an expert fix for a pretty good price. Consumer reports indicate that most iPhone screen repairs are completed in just an hour or two– so this is a pretty quick way to bring broken tech back to life.


Whatever iPhone repair option you choose, don’t wait too long. A cracked or splintered screen can lead to bigger problems, and if your digitizer or other internal components stop working properly too, it’ll get more difficult (and expensive!) to fix. Bring your broken phone over to your local repair experts, like uBreakiFix. Our team will provide a free diagnostic on the spot, and if you choose to proceed, we’ll repair and replace your screen in no time flat.




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