2021 Back-To-School Tech Essentials


6 Tech Must-Haves for the 2021 School Year


It’s that time of year again! Stores are starting to trade out beach towels and goggles for backpacks and pencils, and students are getting ready to hit the books again.


Back-to-school season can bring mixed emotions, since it means that summer is coming to a close. But don’t get too down; it also means back-to-school shopping is here, which means new and exciting back-to-school tech. 


We’ve curated a list of a few of the most anticipated devices, accessories & gadgets of the 2021 academic year. These aren’t your mom and dad’s school supplies! With these impressive pieces of tech, you’re sure to be the coolest kid on campus.


Apple iPad Pro®


Apple® iPad Pro


The new Apple iPad Pro® tablet is a fantastic addition to your 2021 school supply list. A lot of people underestimate the power of having a tablet for school, thinking of it as just a larger version of your phone, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The new iPad Pro is a “tablet-computer,” which means it has the processing power of a laptop or desktop; and allows it to handle a lot more than any other ordinary tablet. How? It’s all thanks to Apple’s newly-introduced M1 chip!


The M1, which powers Apple’s newest laptops and desktops, is in your hands with an iPad Pro. That means this tablet could completely replace your need for a laptop or desktop altogether! For students, especially college students, this is an absolute game-changer. 


Investing in the iPad Pro gives you the power and reliability of a laptop, and the ease of mobility that a tablet offers too. So whether you are running from class to class on campus, or studying on the bus ride home, you know that your device is able to keep up with the rigorous demands of campus life. 


Apple iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard


Magic Keyboard® for iPad Pro

If you’re truly looking to enhance your overall tablet experience, the new iPad Pro Magic Keyboard® is the essential accessory.


Created specifically for the iPad Pro and new iPad Air, the new Magic Keyboard gives you that classic Apple keyboard feel. It even includes the signature Apple Trackpad, so no need for an external mouse. 


Thought writing your senior thesis on an iPad would be impossible? Guess again! With the new Magic Keyboard, taking notes, writing reports and working on essays is easier than ever before. 



Rocketbook Reusable Digital Notebook




As efforts to “Go Green” are becoming more prevalent in classrooms and on campus, you may be wondering what different ways you can do your part. Did you know that 900 million trees are destroyed in a single year just to fulfill the United States paper needs? And according to the American Federation of Teachers, “40% of the typical school waste stream is paper…”


So what are some ways that we can cut down our paper usage in school? Enter the Rocketbook®. The Rocketbook is a cloud-connected digital writing surface. This reusable notebook looks and acts like paper, but can be used over and over again! 


With the Rocketbook app, all you have to do is take a picture of your sheet once you’re done writing, and your writing is sent directly to the cloud service provider of your choice. To reuse, simply wet, wipe, and BAM you’ve got a fresh new sheet of “paper.” 


Large amounts of paper can be incredibly heavy, and cause shoulder and back issues for students. The Rocketbook helps eliminate the need to carry multiple heavy notebooks to and from class, and one Rocketbook can handle multiple school subjects with ease. Finished taking notes in science? Just upload to the cloud and wipe clean. Now you’re ready for history notes! 


If you’re tired of lugging around heavy notebooks and want to reduce waste in the world, make sure the Rocketbook is on your back-to-school shopping list.


HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle




The start of a new school year can be hectic and busy. Between classes, homework, and after-school activities, sometimes we forget the little things…  Like making sure to stay properly hydrated. 


Many kids are returning to classrooms this school year, and it’s easy for children to forget to hydrate while they’re away from home. So this school year, don’t send your child back with just any old water bottlesend them with a HidrateSpark


The HidrateSpark is a smart water bottle that tracks water intake, sends motivational reminders, and even helps establish hydration goals all through the HidrateSpark App. If you are falling behind on your water intake for the day, the bottle’s unique customizable LED lights will gently remind you to take a sip. Want to track your hydration long term? Hidrate is compatible with both Fitbit® & Apple’s Health App. 


Try the HidrateSpark smart water bottle to help you and your loved ones reach their hydration goals this school year.



Scanmarker Air Digital Highlighter


Scanmarker® Air 


The digital age has finally come to the highlighter, thanks to the Scanmarker® Air


Completely change the way you study with this must-have academic tool. The Scanmarker Air works via Bluetooth & the Scanmarker app, and this invaluable tool can really optimize your study time this school year.

Just scan any printed words, such as textbook pages or notes, and watch them instantly appear within a document within the app. This nifty gadget doesn’t just scan, either; it reads aloud and translates, too!





Relay Screenless Phone


Relay® Screenless Phone 


As little ones head back to school, you might be left trying to figure out when is the right time to give the youngest members of your family a cell phone. Having a way to communicate with your child while they are away is crucial, especially if they walk or bike home from school every day. But, understandably, not every parent is ready to hand over a fully-functioning cell phone to an elementary school student. 


Screenless cell phones like Relay® offer a solution to this common problem. Relay allows you to communicate easily anywhere in the U.S. with its push-to-talk function- but that’s not all! Relay also is equipped with GPS & Geofencing capabilities. That means that not only can you locate your child, but you can also set up “safe spaces” for them, so that once they step out of a safe area an alert will be sent right to your phone. The push button in the center of the device also allows the user to quickly send an SOS call, which immediately alerts parents via Relay’s app. 


As class, after-school activities, and team sports finally start back up again, this is a great way to ensure kids are safe even when you can’t be around.



AirBar used on a Macbook Air® computer




Envious of your classmate with touchscreen laptops, but not in the market for a brand new device?  Look no further than the AirBar®.


AirBar magically turns any PC or Mac screen into a touch screen. The product itself is sleek and nearly undetectable. The install is a breeze, toosimply place the magnets and connect the bar. 


Compatible with your finger or any stylus, the AirBar is a great addition for those who want touch capabilities to make using their device easier, and for art or graphic design students who want to be able to draw and create directly onto their screen. 


For under $100, you definitely don’t want to miss this cool new gadget this school year! 


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