2020 TRENDS IN TECH (& 4 Disruptive 2021 Trends)


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This year’s been full of surprises; some good, some not-so-good. The global pandemic that’s been at the forefront of our thoughts throughout this year isn’t over yet, and we’ve all had to adapt in certain ways to get to our “new normal.” The silver lining to this year is that humankind has found new, innovative ways to connect and communicate, challenging preconceived notions of how the world should work.

But a lot has happened since January 1st, and it’s hard to keep track of all the changes we’ve seen… Which is why we’ve rounded up some of the most notable 2020 trends in tech for you to enjoy before ringing in the New Year. 




Tired of 2020 and already getting ready for next year?

4 disruptive tech trends to look out for in 2021


1. AI & NLG

Ever gotten help from a chatbot, or had Gmail complete a sentence for you? Then you’ve already seen AI and NLG in action! With many services forced to find alternatives to providing answers in-person, some have turned to automation. As bots across the board become smarter and more intuitive to user needs, natural language generation (NLG), especially combined with artificial intelligence (AI) technology, is predicted to see a major uptick in use. 



Many companies are expected to find new ways to apply blockchain technology over the next year. Some unexpected contenders (like the United States Post Office) already have big plans for blockchain tech in 2021, which we’re looking forward to seeing in action.



Telemedicine has reached new heights throughout the pandemic, with healthcare professionals worldwide reaching out to patients remotely through phone calls, video-chats, mobile apps and emails. Virtual visits lower costs, with the added benefit of increased healthcare accessibility across the board—particularly for elderly, bedridden, immunocompromised or pediatric patients who have difficulty getting to a physician in person. A new hybrid trend of telehealth check-ins with in-person visits is likely to be a part of our “new normal” in 2021.



Cloud-native technologies, like serverless computing platforms, are growing rapidly, and we expect these local technologies to continue advancing throughout 2021. Cloud-local technology allows for fast build-outs with fewer resources. And with many working from home, the ease of serverless computing allows for faster development (and execution) of projects, especially for software vendors.


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