Fashion vs. Function: Smartphone Protection Edition

Originality is the name of the game, right? Sure this sentiment works when it comes to your t-shirt or shoes, but what about your phone protection? There are a lot of different cases that showcase different styles and personality. From delicate flowers and paisley patterns to the latest pop culture icons unique case options are […]

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New Store Location: uBreakiFix Gainesville!

There are many imitators but only one uBreakiFix- and uBreakiFix Gainesville is the latest addition to the repair industry’s leading business! With over 65 uBreakiFix locations nationwide, we know repairs! We understand that when your device is on the fritz, so are other aspects of your life. ¬†Whether the primary use of your device is […]

In the News…Google Goes DeepMind

The internet swirled with rumors and wonder this week, after it was learned Internet giant Google had initiated proceedings to acquire a London based AGI (artificial general intelligence) business- DeepMind. Though very little is confirmed about DeepMind and their endeavors, people everywhere are buzzing about Google’s latest family member. Keep reading for our guide to […]

Are E-Textbooks the Future?

Remember the first day of school, when textbooks were assigned? The pages forever creased by previous users, pencil marks that were never quite erased, these findings are a staple of youthful education in America. Yet, these next years could prove to be a challenge for the nostalgia of the traditional paper textbooks we all grew […]

Google Glass has Great Potential in the Field of….Medicine and Fire Rescue

Google Glass may very well be the most polarizing electronic device to come out of the most electronically dependent generation in human history. Every day it seems, there is another news story about Google Glass, and they are not all heaping on the praise, either. Whether it is someone being given a ticket for driving […]

In the News…Protecting your Online Identity Part I

We have all heard the stories, from Target to foreign “royals” asking for money, protecting your online identity has become a staple of mainstream news reporting. In the last couple of decades, it is estimated that over 1 billion people have had their online identities compromised. This number will only continue to grow, as more […]